Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 1st August 2019

The position of the Moon throughout this cycle that begins today Thursday, your zodiac day, gives you the willpower to decide your destiny. It is your day with strong solutions, perhaps leaving those who do not suit you, raising a definitive separation or finishing something.

What once seemed excellent to you now has ceased to be and you find yourself facing an abrupt change in your sentimental life. Also, in the sentimental aspect, it is important that you do not get carried away by an emotional impulse but think very well before making drastic decisions.

You will come into contact with people who love and respect you, which is very important for you now if you have felt down or sad or have had recent emotional problems.

If you suffer from problems in the head such as strong pains, migraines or migraines you will start an excellent cycle with the planetary change that is happening and with the positive influence of Venus that neutralizes the retrograde action of Mercury, there will be a day of health for you.

It will be difficult for you to get to work early in your work due to the relaxing influence that surrounds you but avoid the temptation of missing your job or calling pretending sudden illness or family problem because it would harm you.

Money and Luck
Now everything will change and be different in your economic horizon, but those concerns that assail you regarding your money cause anxieties and prevent seeing solutions. Each cycle has its ups and downs, but we always move forward.


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