Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 29th October 2020

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 29th October 2020

With the conjunction of your ruler Mercury with the planet Venus you are daring in love, and that attitude will pleasantly surprise that person. Your affective reality lights up with new illusions and hopes. Do not spoil them with a lament or a cold or distant personal reaction when you are approached by someone who is looking for you, Virgo! Possibly both of you can build a beautiful relationship that has been stagnant. The astral landscape that surrounds you is exciting and it could not be better with the trine of Neptune and the two sextiles with your ruler Mercury that augur the rest of October more than exciting and promising in all aspects.

The excesses in the food and drink of yesterday will force you to cancel a social commitment today. You may not feel in a position to attend. You will get a little irritated, and it will also be embarrassing. Anyway, you still would have needed a break-even if you had not eaten more. Spend the best you can this evening alone. Take a bath or go to bed early. In the morning, you’ll be happy you did.virgo daily horoscope 29th october 2020

The conjunction and the trine of Mercury directly influence your life. You are very sensitive these days to the tone of voice of other people and if you notice that whoever you recently met and is dating speaks very loudly, or with a tone that bothers you, you should make them understand politely, but in such a way that it counts because those little details end up spoiling the relationship. Things clear from the first moment.

You will have communication problems at work. A partner may be in a bad mood and not receptive to what you have to say. Perhaps the phones or computers are not working. Which would be frustrating, and could interfere with office relationships. You could miss a call from a good friend or partner, but you will receive it at the last minute. Don’t pull your hair out! A fantastic night awaits you!

The interaction of Venus and the Moon in your sky leaves little room for doubt: you are deeply in love. In a Relationship, it may be a time of great upheavals: child? Wedding? Common move? Travel to the end of the world? Single, you are witnessing the last upheavals of your solo life. Soon you will be speaking in the plural because the loved one should not remain indifferent to your charms. Commitment doesn’t scare you at all, you’re ready to build for good.

Your digestive system is now in a very delicate tone, hence the importance of not exaggerating in matters associated with food, always keeping in mind the fundamental maxim of metabolic balance that consists of eating to live and not living to eat. Good health in general. Slight anxieties can invade you today. You have to put things into perspective and find comfort with your loved ones. Cultivate your gratitude and stay positive under all circumstances. Enjoy one or two squares of dark chocolate. It contains excellent anti-oxidants, helps reduce stress but also contains many calories. It is therefore to be consumed in moderation.

Today your ambitions may be supported by a kind and charismatic woman who does not belong to your inner circle. The energies of the day and your innate practicality will help you focus your efforts to continue learning, whether in the professional, financial, educational, or spiritual fields. At the end of the day, you will feel able to focus, determined, and optimistic.

You still have time to re-evaluate what is best for you in a new activity in which you are performing if what you do is not to your liking. If you were concerned about management that had not yet crystallized, the news that you will receive is encouraging, Virgo.

Today things are not so good that we say, so do not insist too much. It makes you want to immerse yourself in your fantasy world forever. Don’t be tempted to consume any type of chemical because it will cause you more confusion. Finish your work and loosen up a bit. Take refuge in the depths of your mind and explore the fantasies of your inner self.

Money and Luck
It is time to review your finances and do things well, without letting yourself be involved or manipulated by skilled salespeople who try to take advantage of you by promising what they cannot deliver. Virgo Luck Today

Today you may discover that your social life is going through some obvious changes. You may notice that your friends are busy with their own lives right now. This can be a good opportunity to meet new people. Invite someone you know to have a drink and share anecdotes. Be open to new social settings, such as cafes, bookstores, or workshops. You will soon find friends who tune in to the same frequency.

Be careful, a change of direction in the months to come could well upset your balance. Fortunately, your guardian angel is there to watch over you. As always, it will give you the strength to rise from the ashes. Like the phoenix, get ready to face anything to experience the best. You can count on your ability to keep your cool in the face of problematic situations. Your courage is no longer to prove, go for it, we can assure you, the best is yet to come.

Family and Friends
Ouch, Jupiter gives a hard time to the natives of our sign. If you have children, they will no longer be happy with a simple “no” to their request. Their nascent rebellious spirit will demand to know the why and the how. Even if this attitude annoys you deeply, they force you to make efforts at diplomacy. A young person who thinks is good, a young person who seeks the little beast, it is unacceptable. Do not allow yourself to be trodden on under any circumstances, otherwise, you will lose control of your authority.

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