Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 3rd December 2020

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 3rd December 2020

There are good omens for you, Virgo, especially this Thursday in which the Moon continues its transit through your opposite sign and your ruler Mercury is doing great aspects with Saturn and Pluto (sextiles, 60 degrees of difference) and trine (120 degrees, with Neptune). However, despite such good aspects, some controversial situations may arise as a result of misinterpretations or conclusions reached by those who see life only from one direction and do not see the whole picture. Today is a good day to add a little spark to your life. If things have been a bit dull and stagnant lately, you may want to add some excitement and pizzazz to the situation. Take the reins and pursue your goals; you have a strong instinct that tells you where to go. Trust your intuitions and follow them; On a day like today, there is no need to hesitate.

You know how to avoid them. Do it directly and do not meddle in other people’s affairs. Let each one solve their own problems, help them, of course, but if they insist on their path and ignore your observations and recommendations, then do not be discouraged or feel disappointed because each one must take responsibility for their actions. To reach an agreement with someone with whom you have had a fight you just have to say what you want and what you intend to achieve, if for some reason you are getting a little lost on the way, it is necessary to start doing something to find yourself as you should be now. You are planning to go on a trip, but things are not going the way you want, you will likely have to postpone this journey that you want to make so much, do not worry because it will only be a while.virgo daily horoscope 3rd december 2020

Your capacity to love is unlimited, Virgo, but many people do not understand it and that is why you mustn’t feel bad if those you love do not react like you to the different circumstances that are presenting themselves in your love life. Be who you are, never pretend to be otherwise to satisfy the ego of others, your beautiful nature attracts love for who you really are, not for what you appear.

Someone you’ve known for a long time, but haven’t seen for a long time, could suddenly appear in your life. They could meet at some kind of social event, or maybe I’m going to visit your family. Friends and group affiliations will give you a lot of support and satisfaction at this time and you will feel very safe with them. This is a good time to enroll in courses, especially those that have to do with art.

You are not at the end of your troubles … But the question you should ask yourself is: is it really worth it that you exhaust yourself like this for love? Take the time to think about it: do you feel supported, is he or she there for you when you need him or her? If you can’t get the changes you want, maybe you should consider letting go. You will only be better off without having to drag someone behind you who does not know how to listen to you!

This final cycle of the year 2019 will be very good for you if you were considering starting a new action plan, such as exercises, quitting a bad habit, or changing a lifestyle that was not giving you the expected results.

Did you have trouble getting out of bed this morning? Blame it on Saturn, who has been circling you for several days and decided that a little slack would be perfect for today. If you listen to your needs, it shouldn’t last very long. Get a little exercise, cook up a little home-cooked meal, or vegetate on the couch for a few hours, and you’ll be better tomorrow. If you don’t have the time and the inclination, just leave the mountain of dirty laundry and your worries where they are. I promise they will not have moved in the early morning!

You may not be too fond of useless jokes today, but they will entertain you quite a bit. Relax and go with the flow, or remove yourself from others to focus on what you need to do. Today you will be able to multitask and complete multiple projects, as long as you don’t focus too much on one issue.

If you work at home as a housewife you will have a pleasant surprise. Likewise, if you are thinking of starting some type of new project, you will soon see your dreams crystallized, the important thing is that you do not let yourself be discouraged by those who approach you to say discouraging phrases, continue as you are, do not pay attention to them.

Today you may be busy. The energetic aspects that are occurring will have you eager to perform the necessary tasks. Can you think of something you would like to do? Fine – but after that, once you’re done, you’ll have plenty of time to do something recreational. Make the most of your day for work and fun.

Money and Luck
Inspirations and hunches come to you that you must heed, Virgo, because in them there is fortune and potential for economic development. Today Thursday there are very good planetary aspects in your horoscope, textiles, and trines, and you have in your hands the possibility of winning or losing, but the final decision will depend on your good judgment and personal criteria. Virgo Luck Today

Let your inner fire burn brightly today. Your energy is welcome wherever you go. Use your dynamic nature to rekindle the energy as you go. Everything is ready; only the spark is missing. Don’t turn your back on the responsibilities that await you; You will see that it is much easier than you think. Most likely, the situation you imagine is much worse than the reality.

Your brain is constantly seething with ideas but you never dare to take the plunge! What a pity! Yet the power of your ascendant may well push you to act. For once, you are being asked to let go and finally trust yourself. Positive and enriching, the results will be perfect from all points of view (financial, professional, and intellectual). Also, your opinion clearly influences the decisions of your superiors. So go for it, it’s now or never!

Family and Friends
After a long day at work, your colleagues invite you to an after work. You will not regret it. While all together forging unforgettable memories, you discover a different side of these people you meet every day. They are now your friends and you trust them completely. You enjoy a warm and dancing atmosphere. As you decompress, and electrical energy spreads through you. A wave of well-being invades you as the evening unfolds.

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