Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 3rd May 2018

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 3rd May 2018

In this stage, with the combination of the Moon in the fire element and your ruler, Mercury, you are in a cycle of harmony, but also of warning: take care of your relationship, dedicate more time, show your love! If you have a saved money and you plan to invest it in the purchase of a house, land, automobile or computer, you should make a rigorous selection and not opt for the first thing that comes because there are better offers on your horizon.

Your word is effective and takes effect, you will get what you are looking for. You are at a stage where the opportunities rain, but you must know how to take advantage of them so that they do not escape you as it has happened to you before.virgo daily horoscope thursday 3rd may 2018

Do not think that you have stopped loving because today they have not communicated with you, remember that now with the lunar transit you are very sensitive and any situation out of the ordinary worries you.

Due to certain astral fluctuations, you may feel differently in the morning and in the afternoon. The main thing is that you maintain your level of life and daily routines without neglecting one thing or the other, that way your health will not be affected.

Although at present they do not recognize you, your attitude towards work is not going unnoticed and you will soon receive promising news. This stage will be of labor consolidation and above all of a greater experience within different fields of your professional activity, as you will see.

Money and Luck
As you go deeper into the new businesses you are about to start, you will find more and more opportunities to acquire money and resources. Prosperity surrounds you, do not be impatient, you will already have in your hands what you need, if you know how to wait, Virgo.