Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 16th February 2021

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 16th February 2021

This is your Tuesday of intense perceptions. Let’s check the astral landscape to see what is happening. The first thing that strikes you is the imminence of the retrograde transit of your ruler, Mercury, starting tomorrow. However, as Jupiter creates very favorable aspects, the balance is balanced. Your resolutions will be very successful, Virgo, you will know what direction to take, which way to walk and travel within life and what really benefits you. Your psychic perception is strengthened and you immediately realize what is best for you to do. Once you have chosen the path to follow, do not let yourself be enveloped by anything negative, continue to the top!

Your mind is full of worries, and others may take your withdrawn behavior as indifference. Let them think about what they want. You have to consider serious matters and make important decisions. The resentment will pass later. For now, think only of you.virgo daily horoscope 16th february 2021

The planet of love, Venus, is in the fire element and Mars moves to the earth element. Those good positions are combined with the Neptune trine and you discover the best way to fix conflictive situations between you and another person. There will be no limits to your creativity when it comes to love. However, remember to control your tongue because tomorrow your ruler will go retrograde in your opposite sign and you could commit indiscretions.

The ire of Mars reflects dramatically on you and you are off again for one of those spy missions of which you have the secret. Constable of the house, you allow yourself all possible and imaginable searches to confuse the other. Smartphone expertise, pocket searches, nothing will be spared him. You’re spinning the wrong cotton, it’s time to let go. Single, you too have a mania for inquiry. You want your future partner to be free from vices.

Romance is floating in the air, and suddenly you notice that around you is full of couples walking hand in hand, exchanging loving glances. This will make you think about your own situation. If you want to reach out to someone in the love and passion industry, feel free to do so, but don’t set too high expectations for positive outcomes. If you are too excited, you could end up suffering. Take it easy.

There is a propensity to believe everything you read on the Internet about food and nutrition. Be selective and do not play or improvise with your health, always look for reliable pages of serious institutions.

You will feel in Olympic form and overflow with an energy that you will have a hard time channeling. Indeed, Mercury enters the IV house and makes you benefit from its beneficial inflows. If you are a successful athlete, you might see your training paid off by performing that will exceed your expectations. Be careful, however, to remain cautious and not to overestimate yourself otherwise you will have to be faced with some unforeseen events that could ruin your ambitions.

Today you will find yourself in a good mood and contact with others will be very rewarding. People start to see your point of view, and the important thing is peace. Bring harmony and balance to your circle of friends and partners. Be the center of attention and earn the respect of others with your sincerity and diplomacy.

In this astral cycle of the second half of February, you will discover new work paths, even for those who are unemployed and looking for alternatives in different jobs. The situation begins to improve.

Certain news, perhaps related to the field of your business or the people for whom you work, may generate doubts about your future in that position. You may feel that you are going nowhere and therefore consider the possibility of changing jobs or even careers. Someone could offer you that kind of opportunity that you have never dared to contemplate before. Think about it and take a few days to decide.

Money and Luck
A touch of prosperity is enveloping you that will spread during the second half of February that is beginning with two relevant aspects, the transit of Mars through the earth element and your ruler Mercury retrograde. Virgo Luck Today

Today keep your eyes peeled as you may meet the man of your dreams. Or, you could literally find a pile of cash. Most likely, it will be a very unusual day, so keep your mind open to all the possibilities and be very attentive. If an intriguing new business opportunity comes your way, don’t accept it immediately. Take note of all the information and review it when you have calmed down.

With this aspect of Jupiter, you might experience a small drop in morale regarding your financial reality. Especially if there are people in your company who earn more than you. You might have trouble keeping up and find yourself getting serviced too often. This feeling of dependence is not inevitable, however. If you want to reciprocate the generosity of your loved ones, take charge of organizing the next outings. Choose for yourself fun and affordable activities where it will be your turn to offer them a drink for example.

Family and Friends
Some twists and turns will mark your social life. For the most part, they will be auspicious, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble adjusting or even enjoying their occurrence. On the other hand, some of these contingencies will likely hamper your plans. Look at the glass half full, focus on the things that give you relief rather than the ones that make you unhappy. Healthy morale is the best weapon against annoyance.

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