Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 17th November 2020

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 17th November 2020

Do not forget that until November 20 your ruler Mercury will be retrograde so do not lower your guard, Virgo. Avoid the manipulators that are now circling you with the two trines of Mercury with the Moon and the North Node. Be careful not to fall into traps. You feel eager to meet good friends during this day, but you must be discreet and not exaggerate since otherwise, you would be imposing your presence on someone who, perhaps, is not looking forward to seeing you right now. Sharpen your sensitivity so that you can apply your social touch efficiently.

Unusual circumstances will occur that will change the course of your creative orientation. It could be new technology and is likely to be related to collecting, sharing, and using information. You will consider unusual options, such as changing jobs, moving, or other important factors in your life. However, think about it before deciding. Tonight: have a good time with that special person in your life.virgo daily horoscope 17th november 2020

If you are single, or single, beware of those suitors who appear out of nowhere and promise you riches and possessions because they can be charlatans and profiteers. If you have a relationship, take good care of it as you know how to do it, without precipitation because during these days before the direct transit of Mercury everything revolves around you.

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The shadow of your former relationship always threatens your present. Worse, it prevents you rebuild you. You are weary to open you to a new emotional perspective. Therefore, maintain contact with the head of this mental torture remains incongruous. By drawing a line above, you realize mourn this accumulated suffering. Finally away from you, rebirth projects will gradually take root in your secret garden. So that they exceed the limits of your imagination and materialize, let them bloom in sunlight.

Today you may feel the urge to be paid attention, as your passions will be increased. You may want to dress in your best clothes and go out and show that sophisticated image of yours. You’ve always had your own sense of style, and today others will be able to appreciate the way you handle and present yourself. You will have fun seducing while displaying that old sense of glamour.

There are certain headaches, migraines, or throbbing in the temples that are caused by excessive restlessness. Put a carefree attitude to life to work and you will see how the discomforts are left behind. You are worrying too much about irrelevant issues and your health will charge you if you do not take action now.

You could find yourself in a difficult situation when you are faced with someone who does not necessarily agree with your way of handling certain situations. It could be that someone has misinterpreted some of your observations and is now reacting violently to what you said. Be careful not to reply with caustic phrases that will only aggravate the situation and damage the relationship. They will take your words more seriously than you think.

Saturn leads a hard life right now … You are on edge and the slightest inconvenience can bring back the anguish that you thought were past. Do not worry, you just need to find a little breath and refocus on you. And for that there is only one thing to do: forget your worries and let your family fend for themselves. It does not hurt them but does you much good.

Very soon they will recognize your effort and work in the place where you are currently employed. The moment of merit will come for you and you will feel fulfilled when verifying that your efforts have not fallen on deaf ears.

Today is a great day to explore your creativity. This is surely not new to you. You have always had artistic gifts. However, being able to keep your attention on one point is another matter. The energy of this day can give you that extra dose of focus you need to complete a creative project. Make the most of it to finish something that was left unfinished or start a new project. Express yourself, create, and have fun!

Money and Luck
Some of your economic projects cannot be carried out at the moment so the wisest thing is to postpone them, look at them through a realistic perspective and try to solve the urgent issues now, leaving the secondary ones for tomorrow. That brake you experience is totally temporary and soon the springs of prosperity will be activated. [maxbutton id=”6″ ]

You often fight against your dreams and wishes. Sometimes they are a pleasant escape, other times they are more like a nightmare of unfulfilled goals and life without accomplishment. Today presents an opportunity to achieve a new focus on your true self. The universe tries to connect you with what you really should be doing in this life. It is quite possible that it does not relate to what you do now. It is time for a change.

The alignment of Pluto Saturn indicates that an error will be committed. The dwarf planet sows discord in your professional life. It pushes you to the fault, the wrong word in monumental blunder, the piece of lettuce between your teeth, the cataclysm. Before an important meeting, thoroughly check your files and make sure to be fully developed before you start. Think carefully about your answers not to reveal compromising information, press the brake before being stopped dead.

Family and Friends
Around a family meal, you might miss a moment of friendship by not investing you enough. Tune in and join the conversation, especially as the outspoken is often a good source of advice. As much enjoy the company of your loved ones to discuss your daily worries. There is no doubt that this little time for sharing will refresh your mind and you will come out all perked up, ready to face your worries.

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