Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 19th December 2017

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 19th December 2017

virgo daily horoscope 19th december 2017Tuesday 19th December 2017 Virgo Daily Horoscope Predictions;

  • Health
  • Social and Family
  • Work
  • Luck and Money
  • Love

Virgo Health 19th December 2017

In this cycle, you are very vulnerable to suggestions and if you have been diagnosed with a condition you should not be impressed. Wait a bit and do not undergo an operation or intensive treatment without consulting a second opinion.

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The good planet Venus will influence this time the sector related to health. Think of helping Heaven by adopting a healthy lifestyle. You will store well tonus for a long time.

Virgo Family and Social Life 19th December 2017

Keep your cool, because there will be electricity in the air. Do not say anything, do not do anything that could trigger an explosion in your home. This stormy weather will pass quickly, and you will soon enjoy the calm and invigorating family atmosphere again.

Your sense of communication accentuated by the direct transit of Mercury, your regent, who ends today his direct transit will help you to get out of complicated situations. Your intuition is clear and you can put an end to relationships that do not suit you, both love and work. Follow your instincts and do not continue postponing a trip, transfer or change of house. This is the moment.
Social life
The moon in this aspect will make you irritable. If you have to lend to some control, take things calmly. To annoy you would be to complicate them to your disadvantage.

Virgo Work 19th December 2017

Even if you do not feel completely comfortable with a work situation associated with the appointment of an unfriendly or competent boss or supervisor, you will not achieve anything by fighting. Do your thing, apply your intuition and experience of Virgo, so recognized by all, and there will be no messes or difficulties.

Mars in the good position will give you fighting spirit and courage. New work, attack of a thorny professional problem with all the chances of success, signing of a contract or a major transaction, go to the top level, happy initiative: in short, any action will be favored and dedicated to success.

Virgo Money and Luck 19th December 2017

Fortune is spinning and in this cycle, your intuition receives astral influences when you lie down to sleep. Carefully record the signals and messages that come to you because there may be money and much more than a simple dream in them. What you thought will materialize. Everything will be fine financially if you are reasonable and avoid spending money to satisfy your temporary desires. Otherwise, you risk putting yourself in a bad position and then having trouble rebalancing your budget. Lucky Numbers: 72, 27 and 99. Color: pink

Virgo Love 19th December 2017

Do not discuss a sentimental situation in your work or with your relatives because now it is best to arrange your love differences with your partner without the intervention of anyone else unless it is a marriage counselor. Act with the prudence that characterizes your Virgo sign. The planetary influences of this Tuesday will help you remarkably to put on the table the issues that until now you had not dared to air with a friend, partner or neighbor.

With this misconfiguration of Pluto, it cannot be said that the dialogue will be ideal between your spouse and you. Between the old resentment that comes to the surface and the annoyance of everyday life, the conflict will never be very far. Attention, therefore. Single, no planet to influence the love area of your theme. But nothing is lost: under the aegis of Mercury, a friendship can easily turn into love.