Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 1st December 2020

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 1st December 2020

You start this final month of 2020 with several very auspicious astral aspects in your horoscope related to your ruler Mercury, direct, including two planetary sextiles (with Saturn and Pluto) and a trine with Neptune, all direct. Your intimacy is strengthened and you are about to live an intense adventure of a sentimental nature. Certain things that previously seemed insoluble or impossible stop being so after this period. There is a happy and enthusiastic touch in your environment that increases your mental agility. The energy that emerges from this planetary combination allows you to see things as they really are, without ornaments or fantasies, but with realism and security, which will help you succeed in your business and eliminate the hesitations that could exist in your emotional horizon, Virgo.

Sometimes you get lost in thoughts that really cut you off from the real world. This is what will happen to you today as your mind will take you on past adventures. Or you will imagine yourself in the company of a certain person that you like … In both cases, be aware of these reveries.virgo daily horoscope 1st december 2020

There is certainly a message to decode. Don’t get upset over details. The obstacles that you may encounter this Tuesday, December 1, will find their solution next month. Small breaks in music or your personal passions would ideally rejuvenate you. If you are championing an idea, now is a perfect time, but only if you stay measured. You can assert your opinions and your way of seeing things in situations, but don’t try to convince people to think the same.

Mercury and Neptune at 120 degrees, a great trill. This is the moment of different action, awareness of a new course. There is nothing better than living in the present without bringing up anything sad from the past. The influence of Venus in the transit that is occurring will awaken in you new sentimental concerns.

You risk being irresistibly attracted to a very charming person! Maybe you will meet her today unless you already know her? You will then have the impression of seeing it for the first time. If you are already involved in a romantic relationship, you should think twice before engaging in a flirtation that could upset your current relationship … If you are single, your decision!

You would like those you love to have the same certainties about life as you, you sometimes try to convince but it does not always work, each has their own experience. In a Relationship: You don’t like to think outside the box and your partner may soon blame you. Make an effort to change your habits, be a little more surprising, your love life will only be more fulfilling. It will also force you to harness your fertile imagination. Single: Be more open-minded if you don’t want to be alone anymore, you might be surprised by people who don’t necessarily interest you. You tend to see only the flaws even though the qualities are obvious. You are not like that usually and everything will be back to normal soon.

Learn to manage stress. Aim for a smooth workweek without letting the little hiccups in your everyday activities disrupt your metabolism. It is necessary to give their place to things and not worry about insignificant issues.

It is not excluded that you are literally bursting with creativity today. If you are a bit of an artist, writing, singing, painting, sculpting, dancing is all activities in which you should have a lot of fun and show your talent and energy. This part of you really needs to be expressed, so try to organize yourself to make time for it. You will never regret it! Just do it!

They will offer you a position that may initially intimidate you. Accept the challenge responsibly, do not hesitate because if you fear then you would be missing a good opportunity and life grows when we know how to act decisively, nothing has been written about the faint-hearted or timid. Fortunately, you, Virgo, are not like that, so go ahead and conquer the top! For those who continue their professional activities: You must roll up your sleeves to convince your interlocutors of your rights and your requirements. The sky protects your income but you have a lot to do to plead your case and defend your achievements!

Everything is going in your direction today! You get the job done with ease and efficiency, you are surrounded by people you value, and harmony reigns in your home. In short, you are blessed by the Gods! So much so that you express yourself with a natural grace that may make you a little proud. Take the opportunity to spend time with the people you love and to have fun!

Money and Luck
At any moment you will be taking the plane or the train in a management that has to do with money and that will be reversed in economic gains. An unforeseen trip requires certain urgent preparations on your part, have everything organized, and separate money to avoid complicating at the last minute, especially in these final days of the year when so many commitments arise. On the subject of finances, there is a discussion in the air but the imprecision and laxity of those around you annoy you. You will have difficulty fully asserting your interests, which requires patience.

The lesson you will have to learn today will have to do with the notion of constraints. Even if this word makes your hair stand on end, it deserves you to give it serious thought. If you have a little trouble getting used to this idea, it might be because you really need someone to tighten your screw! Set limits on yourself instead of rushing into impossible situations that will land on you one day another.

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