Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd August 2022

The energy of this period is full of situations that are not what they seem or produce the results you hope to obtain. There is a lot of demand on your part which can cause health problems if you do not relax in the attitude you have at work. It is a day in which you should take things easy and not demand too much of yourself since in general what you expect will not happen the way you want in part because you are too perfectionist in your personal search. In relationships you need to control less and be more open to find your partner.

There is a confusion with what you expect from your partner that is not helping the relationship much. You are the sign with the clearest vision and yet with your significant other you are hesitating about the course of action at the moment. This is due to the influence of Neptune that is passing through the 7th house. Neptune confuses and generates situations that are not what they appear at first sight, so be patient and do not make hasty decisions.

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday...
Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd August 2022

Your relationship with your children will enter a more constructive phase. More tolerant, less perfectionist, you will stop criticizing your offspring all the time. For their part, and whatever their age, they will better accept your remonstrances and will make an effort to understand your point of view.

You are being too severe in your search for intimacy. Venus makes you very sensitive to what you want in a relationship, causing you to generate expectations that are very difficult to achieve. The presence of Pluto in this house can also indicate that there is a lot of obsession with controlling love, since it is something spontaneous that cannot be controlled. Relaxing and not taking things too seriously is required in this area.

Under the effect of Uranus, you will find a better inner balance, and your relations with your spouse or partner will gain in serenity. Indeed, instead of spending your time teasing the other or criticizing his initiatives concerning your family life, you will be more indulgent towards him. Thus, harmony and well-being will be at the rendezvous. If you are free, you will aspire, more than ever, to break with affective loneliness. So rejoice! You should make a decisive meeting this very day.

Nervous tension is the main problem in this period, stress can cause health problems that manifest as hypertension, so you have to be very careful when eating salty foods during these days. Jupiter is also in this house, so you have to be careful with excess fat and spicy foods, as well as alcohol, as they can cause problems in your digestive system.

With you, you should never trust appearances. Even if you don’t look like it, you are anxious. But this time, you will master this tendency and you will be in good spirits! This will help to promote your physical and nervous balance. In addition, digestive disorders will be reduced.

Very good professional day, the Moon is in her sign passing through your 10th house, the house of professional development and success. So there are opportunities to be recognized for your work on issues associated with the Moon. The Moon cares for others, nurtures and protects them.

So activities where you have to take care of the welfare of someone or something are the kind of situations where you can grow. This aspect of Mars will put a tiger in your engine. At work, your boldness will be appreciated, your efforts recognized, and you will feel supported. Be confident, you deserve your success.

Money and Luck
Mars is the ruler of your finances and is currently in a difficult position in the sign of Virgo in your 12th house, a place of self-sabotage and deception. So you have to be very careful how you invest your money these days since there may be information that you do not know or do not see and that would make you have made another decision. You will feel a bit on the tightrope. If you started without thinking, relying on your intuitions, they could deceive you at the risk of making you make commitments beyond your financial possibilities.

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