Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 30th July 2019

This period that you are now living with retrograde Mercury, which is your regent, but the Ceres planetoid directly in your sign, brings with it the evaluation and gives you concrete fruits in economic matters. With your saving spirit, you will achieve a lot and multiply your earnings admirably.

In the love aspect, certain things that you could not explain in relation to your partner, or in your own way of seeing the sentimental reality in your life, become clear and you can understand them better. There are a return and reconciliation, emotional paths open and you suddenly find yourself in situations that will demand your attention.

You will say goodbye to the month of July with a more fresh and determined attitude in your love life. The romance is waiting for you to give you a surprise that will cheer you up for the rest of the weekend. A romantic encounter awaits you at a cultural site. The outlook is promising.

The effective and positive action of Venus in your health area energizes your body, mind, and spirit and you feel full of vitality. This feeling will favor your recovery if you suffer some type of circulatory condition.

The time has come for change, your stage culminates and new interests arise in front of you. Transform your work strategy. What has worked for you until now has become obsolete and if you want to advance in your career you must totally renew your routine and act with dynamism.

Money and Luck
This day you receive mixed signals regarding a business. If you do not feel totally sure of what you should consult with specialized people before embarking on something potentially doubtful. There are money and fortune in your way.


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