Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 9th February 2021

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 9th February 2021

You are in the middle of the cosmic scenario of the full moon, the full moon, the “snow moon”. You will hear a singular proposition that will amaze you since you did not think that person was going to confess such a thing to you. Now your counseling skills and emotional support are needed more than ever. In money matters, make the most of this stage in which your ruler is direct since after February 17 it will begin its retrograde motion in your opposite sign and things tend to get a bit complicated. One of the effects of the full moon will be felt in your life regime because you will be orienting yourself to changes, to total transformation.

Today people are not likely to be sensitive to your needs. In fact, the truth is exactly the opposite. You may find that when problems arise, people do their best for themselves and do not care too much about others. Make sure you have enough emotional reserve invested in yourself so that when push comes to shove you have enough confidence to function.virgo daily horoscope 9th february 2021

If you had hesitated about a very confusing feeling in your love life now under the action of the full moon you acquire mental clarity, your intuition is well supported and you can make the best decisions. Act on those hunches and you will experience a happy relationship.

Today is a good day to feel comfortable at home and gather your loved ones. Invite them to your house in the afternoon or evening to spend some time together. There could be some minor inconveniences, like your children or nephews fighting over toys. But overall it will be a nice time and you will enjoy the meeting. It will be a good day to get caught up in the family news.

You will feel like you are going back a few years, feeling emotions that you thought were forever forgotten. Venus arrives in your sign and drains in its wake a climate conducive to passion. You may lose your composure in front of a person to whom you will feel a strong physical attraction and you will come out of it greatly disturbed. The stars encourage you to let yourself be carried away by your emotions and to fully enjoy the present moment. Maybe now is the time to let go and follow your instincts.

The planetary energy that comes from the full moon is positive and physical conditions improve a lot if you have been subjected to strong treatments for suffering from ailments in your back. A good day to recharge your batteries and restore your health.

Your role today is internalization. You don’t want to be bothered with boring things or tedious stories; You will feel in a gray mood and you will only have time to listen to your inner voice that will be in full self-analysis. Listen to it but don’t fall prey to a feeling of melancholy that will cost you a lot to get rid of if you don’t pay attention. Be aware of it.

You will be in great shape and overflow with communicative energy that those around you will envy you. You will multiply the initiatives which will find a favorable resonance and will be truly the engine of your community that will satisfy you. However, try not to overdo it or you could feel the consequences in the days to come. Indeed, your astral climate will soon darken and the benefactor influences from which you benefit for the moment will give way to less favorable influxes.

A feeling of stability surrounds you in your work life and from this cycle, your activities tend to be very productive due in large part to the enthusiasm you put into your work. Continue that trend and you will succeed.

You might be inspired to make a revolution. You may be seeing some things that are not right in your workplace. You could make a presentation that clarifies your points. Your professional perfectionism will help you discern what needs to be improved. Find a way to share your observations with those in power. You will feel good asking for their help and support.

Money and Luck
With the impact of the full moon, the money that did not arrive now begins to flow. Past economic experiences have taught you to trust more in the combination of your objective realities and your intuition. Your knowledge and confidence in yourself will bear positive fruit. Virgo Luck Today

You have the energy to splurge, and you intend to. Call your friends to go biking in the park. Or organize a tennis match in the afternoon. Enjoy the book air day, but don’t over-demand yourself. If your muscles are sore today, it will take weeks to recover. If you go slowly, take breaks, and plenty of water, then you will enjoy the day smoothly.

You are deadlocked on the money. If it seems like you are sowing the seeds of financial success and never reaping the rewards, it may be over-parsimony. You may be confusing the lack of resources with reluctance to spend. If you tend to give up the things you want to do, even when you can afford it, it will be time to rethink your monetary policy. By giving satisfaction to some of your desires, you will get out of the budgetary impasse in which your thrifty nature has locked you.

Family and Friends
Now is a good time for you to open your arms to a little novelty. That after-work drink to which you always say “next time”, or that restaurant that caught your eye some time ago, don’t put it off until later. You may lose the opportunity to appreciate them. If an opportunity presents itself to step out of your comfort zone, and at the same time out of your routine, take it. And if that means braving the tribulations of public transport, it is not expensive to pay.

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