Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 17th October 2018

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 17th October 2018

The day is very encouraging and you should take full advantage of it to not complicate thinking about what you can not solve but rather concentrate on everything you have in your hands. A healthy body requires a mind that is also healthy.

If you do not have a job and you are looking for a job, now you will have the opportunity to choose since new opportunities open up before you. However, you must be very observant and careful at the time of signing contracts and asking for salaries especially from this next weekend in which the transit of Mercury, planet of communications, will prevail, and you can incur errors of appreciation if you Haste when making decisions.

The planets Uranus and Neptune are retrograde. Avoid negative thoughts in your relationship. If you think that they are going to cheat you or you become too suspicious or distrustful in a new relationship, you could lose it.

Take care, Virgo. Your health will respond to the treatments that you apply on this day, particularly if you have been suffering from headaches, digestive disorders or problems associated with blood pressure and circulation.

If you finished last week with many pending things and have left a task for the last minute because it seemed easy to do not fall into the same mistake. It assumes the consequences and avoids its repetition.

Money and Luck
You will increase your income in a different way, perhaps doing a new activity for you, but in which you will demonstrate your ability and put your talent to work. This working week will open doors and opportunities around you.