Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 20th July 2022

Your emotions will be linked to the sense of duty, due to the trine between the Moon and Saturn, so you will not be able to act without linking the emotional part in your actions or routines, within which you will lean towards serving others. You could experience an expansion in your family ties, thanks to the trine between the Moon and Jupiter, which will allow you to express tenderness and love in your family environment.

You will express great fantasies and an unshakable faith, but on the other hand you will recognize a wound in the 9th house, you will feel that in that area of life you are always exposed; You may not feel very comfortable on long trips or postgraduate studies, due to such a sense of exposure to the outside world. It does not mean that you do not do them, you just feel some discomfort.

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The presence of Neptune in the 7th house will give you a magical and dreamlike personality, and you will feel the need to cultivate a spiritual dimension in your relationship; You should consider that for this you need a sensitive person who shows interest in these same concerns.

Don’t indulge in cocooning and laziness tonight! It is by leaving your usual environment that you will feel fulfilled. So today is an opportunity for you to go clubbing or treat yourself to an excellent restaurant with friends. Treat yourself to a good moment of relaxation, meet people, it’s an ideal day to come out of your shell!

You who like to stand out among the multitude of your relationships, you could find on this day an opportunity to highlight a very specific characteristic of your personality to your many friends. You know, the kind of little thing that makes you a little different when you’re a kid, and you maintain without really knowing why. It’s time to be a kid again.

The influence of many planets in your family sector suggests that one of your children may need you, especially with regard to their future plans. If this is the case, quickly contact the people concerned to seek together the solution best able to help him.

Pluto in the house of romance and in opposition to Sun in the house can attract a foreign person into your life. But it can also make you show defensive and obsessive attitudes in the area of romance, and a volcanic and intense temperament; such attitudes can alienate your partner, so you must control such inclinations. The planetary forces do not force, they only incline and you have the control of the will to avoid them.

This dialogue that you so much hope for, it is up to you to open it. Your partner is certainly waiting for this. Take advantage of this day to clearly and simply explain to him what you expect from him and which has been bothering you for some time. You are lucky to know what you want, all you need is a little courage to take action. Be concrete.

A beautiful astral configuration will favor couple relations on this day. It will be a particularly auspicious day for the life of two. You will be able to achieve what is important to you in optimal conditions. Take the opportunity to flourish and consolidate your marital situation. Single, the mood of the day will be flirtations, brief encounters, ephemeral relationships. Everyone will find what they are looking for, as long as they don’t take anything seriously.

The energies of the moment could manifest psychosomatic ailments, so try to reduce concerns of any kind, it is important that you try to be calm as much as possible. Perhaps you have noticed for some time how exhausting your ambitions are, how somehow they are “overwhelmed”. If you aspire to a life that is not without ambition (we don’t wish you that), but simply, calmer and more balanced, the planetary aspects of the day indicate that the time has come to make a decision.

With Mars and Venus to watch over your health, nothing to worry about! Dynamism and joie de vivre will be there. Be careful, however, because Mars can indicate a slight accidental or inflammatory risk. Nothing serious, be calm, but be attentive in your movements and do not neglect the warm-up if you play sports.

You will have a great ability to associate ideas and abstract thinking, so if you work in the area of projects, you will be able to manage very well in the synthesis of ideas. This energy will be very beneficial if you dedicate yourself to research, especially if you dedicate yourself to Science from a theoretical perspective, to Philosophy or Religion.

The events of the day should inspire you with deep thoughts. Thus, you may well end up realizing that dreams can only come true if you work hard and pragmatically at them! Otherwise they remain in the dream state, that is to say sweet hopes! So be more tenacious and concrete.

Do not hesitate to take advice, you will thus have more objective elements to help you move from your fantasies to the sacrosanct principle of reality! Galvanized by the planet Mars in beautiful aspect, you will embark on daring undertakings. On the professional level, you will obtain very honorable results and you will command the admiration of those around you.

Money and Luck
The energy of Libra in the house of financial resources will give you a great talent for relationships and good treatment with the public, these talents will allow you to develop very well in intellectual professions or trades in which you have to maintain a lot of contact with people. Your kindness will keep them delighted.

You are about to complete a phase which is particularly turned towards yourself, full of questions and various acts of affirmation. You should feel even more strongly than usual what your personality is. Now it will be a question of giving it good roots, and of building a confidence in you. You are likely to be more cicada than ant. You will want to surround yourself with beautiful things, to start a collection of beautiful objects, and you will not look at the expense. Beware of difficult month-ends!

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