Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 4th December 2019

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 4th December 2019

Your individualism pushes you to stand out at all costs, do not overdo it in the provocation. Your mood is not good, do not revere the past, it deprives you of your energy.

Good news, Jupiter invests from this day (and until December 19, 2020) the space of your theme dedicated to your loves, your creativity and your ability to shine! The moment and the month and the year to get out of the wood and make sparks!virgo daily horoscope 4th december 2019

Venus will give you a very happy day on the marital plane. Your relationship with your spouse or partner will be marked by remarkable complicity and, for many of you, a clear awakening of sensuality. Single, four stars will this time form rare and favorable configurations. This promises to many of you intense love life, with a serious possibility of meeting and, sometimes, a more serious possibility of definitive commitment.

The dialogue is sometimes tense in your relationship and some differences of opinion encourage you to remain cautious in your commitments. You have every interest in waiting before finding a solution that everyone agrees.

Even if you have recently experienced some setbacks, you will succeed this time to return the situation thanks to your increased flair to find good deals. The money will not be a problem.

If you are looking for work, you have to be particularly combative to get what you want professionally and the benefits are not only positive but if you stay loyal in your efforts, you may be rewarded for your efforts.

If you are rather tense and nervous, as will be likely this time, given the uncomfortable position of Venus, useless to add coffee or tea, which would only excite you more. Instead opt for soothing herbal teas, which you complete with regular relaxation beaches close to nature, to aerate your body, but also the spirit.

It’s decided, you agree to regain your shape and to carve your pace. Fitness, bodybuilding, the whole range of fitness will not escape your choice. Where the rub is when you ask too much of your body.

Money and Luck
If you are wise and reasonable, your financial stability should not be a problem. But will you be? Pushed at once by Uranus and especially by Mars, you risk, by reckless expenditure, ruin yourself without the slightest state of mind. Virgo Luck Today

You should go it alone to make your various stocks profitable in the next few days. Joint investments are not auspicious, they are likely to bring many disagreements and when it will be necessary to share, it will be the break.

Family and Friends
The family circle will narrow or expand. Someone will leave, or someone will arrive. Habits will be turned upside down, and you will have to resign yourself to redefine your rhythm or your space.

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