Virgo Horoscope for 24th May 2022

This day you will be relaxed, the position of Mercury in trine to the Moon generates a relaxed attitude because you open your heart to others, it is easy for you to make personal connections in one-on-one situations, and you should be very comfortable in large groups. Social and public popularity can bring you a wide circle of friends and make you famous.

The transit of the Moon square Mars can make you a person who often suffers from emotional tension, which can also make you ruthless and indecisive. By now you can love spectacular conflicts at home and you know how to win them. You could be bossy, lead an adventurous life and find it difficult to settle and settle on one side.


The ups and downs of emotions could lead you to generate a disaster in your life, better meditate and let go of this aspect that leads you to feel strange. The transit Venus trine Saturn indicates the right time to propose marriage or get married, it is time to formalize that relationship if adequate time has passed to get to know the person you love well. The Moon in trine to Jupiter makes you an extremely open, optimistic, and generous person. Thanks to these characteristics, you will often have success and the ability to pass it on to others.

You are not a great reader, but today, the press and certain books will particularly hold your attention. In your enthusiasm, you may swallow an entire edition. You will want to better understand certain subjects that are close to your heart! As a result, you will be immersed without restraint in very scholarly readings! Be open to written communications, important elements will be on your way.

Indifferent and loveless people will see your loving and emotional qualities as a weakness. On the other hand, if you feel threatened, rejected, or subjected to violence, you may feel deeply affected and need a lot of time or emotional support to recover. Because the Moon trine Venus generates emotional sensitivity.

Stop constantly wanting to fight your spouse’s flaws, it will get you nowhere and will only upset you a little more! You could also show some clumsiness yourself today, unimportant of course, but which could seriously annoy your spouse. So turn your tongue well before shouting and avoid words launched in a hurry. Single, you will have to accept not to fall on the perfect person the first time.

There are days when everyone’s charm works particularly well. This is your case today. If you find yourself in a company, invited to a party or a dinner, you will attract attention almost in spite of yourself. It must be said that you feel in a happy mood and this joie de vivre is infectious. If you are single, this resolutely positive situation has some pleasant surprises in store for you.

Jupiter in your 6th house generates good energy to get rid of diseases, but you must also collaborate with the universe to take care of your body and understand that it is the most valuable thing you have in the world. It is time to think more about yourself and feed it in a healthy way, not only with what you eat but also with what you see and hear.

Your mental faculties are energized by Mercury. You are in a good position to learn a whole lot of very interesting things today. So much the better if you are a student or in professional training! No other planet will disturb your physical and mental balance. All the same, plan a moment of relaxation during the day to take stock of your current situation.

Do not hesitate to practice your favorite sport to the limit today, that is to say, shopping! Without any bad conscience, you will be able to skim all your favorite little shops or department stores and treat yourself. You could also take the opportunity to make small gifts for the whole family. For once you are given such advice, what are you waiting for to take off?

As in your personal life, you are trustworthy and loyal in your career, showing respect for elders and superiors. Your strong work ethic and productivity will earn you the respect of bosses and put you in a good position for promotion to a higher position. It is the good energy that Venus in trigon to Saturn generates for you.

You may be called today to resolve a conflict or deal with a matter in an area outside of your usual skills. A bit like if you were an F1 driver and you were challenged to compete in the 100m at the Olympics. It will undoubtedly be difficult for you to refuse to measure yourself against an event that can be a springboard for your career. Relax… Nowadays, you have to know how to be versatile!

Money and Luck
The Moon in your 2nd house looks very good to get you the money because the trines to Venus and Mercury make you balance the unstable temperament that the Moon usually gives you. So, if you work hard, surely the universe rewards you with financial abundance.

On the financial side, things should be relatively calm, but still, take the time to take stock of your situation. If you do not yet keep a budget follow-up, it would be a good idea to start listing all your income and expenses in order to maintain an overall view of your situation. This will allow you to spend more thoughtfully and become aware of your unnecessary expenses. The next step is, of course, to reduce the expenditure items that can be!

Do not try to solve any problem today. Instead, take the time to reflect and put into perspective the choices you have made recently. If you try to convince your interlocutors too vehemently, they will not necessarily follow you. So be tactful and tell yourself that, with very few exceptions, there is never anything final or fatal about most of the choices you can make. Take a breather!

Family & Friends
The current astral climate makes you sensitive and particularly picky. In the family domain, this could lead to a big argument with your parents or your spouse on a seemingly innocuous subject. By putting a little water in your wine, the hurricane should quickly turn into a small passing storm. On the side of your friendly relations, things will be calmer. In this climate, however, not conducive to outpourings of heart, you could even receive some nice compliments from your closest friends.