Virgo Horoscope Today 11th May 2022

Well, your 10th house has your ruling planet Mercury, therefore your personality will be very well on the way to professional success that the 10th house infers. This is not free because your intellectual qualities and your good handling of the matter you have at your disposal they will be yielding good fruits this day.

You are going to feel somewhat annoyed with some social groups to which you belong due to causes that are very possibly out of your power and of which you will not be able to do much; Well, your 11th house in Cancer has the presence of the planet Mars on it. Don’t wear yourself out emotionally and better be objective and practical and look for solutions instead of conflicts and you will discover a better and more positive outlook.


So much being involved in your mind and paying attention to the things you do with your material environment will keep you very detached from your emotional sphere, so what you are going to prefer in a partner is that they be attentive to your emotions and to the attention and take care of them so the characteristics of the sign of Pisces will very possibly be your favorites.

You will go more to the essential, positive unusual opportunities will present themselves to you. But you will be too intransigent, harsh with others, you have to find a point of balance between action and rest, reflection and relaxation. This Wednesday, May 11th, relational facilities are available to you. You are selective but you listen to others. The ideas or projects that we could submit to you will not leave you indifferent. Without hesitation, you respond favorably to external requests.


You are passionate about handling matter, how you can transform it through your mind, therefore, Capricorn in your 5th house will be happy in activities such as crafts or technical issues that if you share them with people who appreciate affection and love, they will be manifesting strongly in your day.

You are confronted with the overexcited dynamism of the world and, if you do not take a step back, you risk experiencing it badly. The exchanges become more “raw”, tinged with selfish will and impatience. Your sensitivity is hurt by all this noise… As a couple: The vagueness reigns within your exchanges in your couple.

You live in an atmosphere that is difficult to pin down, impossible to control. Leave your authority in the closet and restore the dialogue by clarifying your intentions. Single: Do not neglect anything because you could pay the costs… Stay calm but don’t take anything lightly! You work a good part of the day for the implementation of your love projects, supported by your friends and relations.


Get out of your system those thoughts that are not yours and that have been programmed since you were a child by society and the false morality that they want you to have because they are not helping you in any way for your health; This is because Saturn in Aquarius in your 6th house is going to have you with ideas from the last century that are not useful to you today.

On this day, your inspiration and idealism bear fruit. You are admired and you soar in the high spheres. You land but still find it difficult to put your feet on the ground. So keep a sense of reality!


Take advantage of the abundant energy that the planet Jupiter has for you in your 6th house in the sign of Aquarius and develop good techniques and tools that can improve the effectiveness of your work; here your mind will be your best and most powerful ally.

You are overflowing with optimism, your reinforced energy directing your life in a positive direction, today. The small satisfactions of everyday life reassure you and help you then deploy your action towards real ambitions, vast and brilliant.

Money It’s your attitude and the way you argue that will give you the choice and the possibility of increasing your income. Cash inflows are on the rise. You are not afraid of the call from your banker, you are reassured.

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