Virgo in 2019

Virgo in 2019 | Horoscope and Predictions of full Year

In 2019 it will be a happy year. The most important will be children, family, fun, new vision of religion and spirituality, new vision of love and sexuality, interest in the occult and personal transformation.

The Virgo Horoscope 2019 says that health has improved a lot compared to last year, but it is still necessary to monitor. Your love and your social life began to be more interesting last year and you felt the first signs of change. Now the changes and the excitement accelerate as your Planet of Love, Uranus, moves firmly into your marriage house for the next seven years.virgo horoscope in 2019

Last year was a year of prosperity and good life. It was a year of pleasure and sensual pleasure, of high optimism and expansion of its horizons. This trend continues in the next year. Self-esteem and self-confidence were wonderful last year and will also be wonderful next year.

Friendships were tested last year and this trend continues in the next year. There is a need to eliminate the true false friends, separate the sheep from the goats.

The main incumbent is now change both sudden and precipitate. This is a year (and for many years to come) of learning to flow and adapt to change. The Cosmos will not leave you stuck in any kind of routine, even a pleasant one. It is not trying to torture you or rain in your parade, but it has so many other new delights for you that it is necessary to break your attachments to the ancients.

His most important areas of interest in the next year are the body, the image and personal appearance, the physical and financial pleasures after September 25 and the home, family, domestic concerns, health, love and activities social (for many more years)

Its paths of greater accomplishment in the next year are the body, the image, the personal appearance and the joys of sensual pleasure until September 25 and after September 25, finance, religion, philosophy, trips abroad and higher education.

Virgo Love 2019
You are still evolving in your idea of living love in a more spiritual way, for which you need someone, who is spiritual as you are becoming.

If you are single, look for that person, in talks (study of emotions, quantum physics, spiritual seminars, in centers of Yoga, Meditation). You demand that it be according to your ideal and it seems that you will find it. That is what attracts you.

If you have a partner, you have idealized the person who should be by your side, so it may cost you a little to adapt to that new person you have become. It will be a challenge for you. Moreover, if we take into account, the differences between your family and your partner. In principle there is no separation, but it will not be easy. This will be a good start to the year in terms of sentimental issues. Surely he has already found the formula that allows both him and his partner to develop a way of living together that minimally affects the interests of the other and beyond that, the great willingness of both parties will be the engine that leads to discovery of new sensations and experiences as long as they adequately convey the emotion or the concept.

They should avoid sharing personal issues with other people, usually this usually leads to different conflicts that, in addition to wearing down the relationship itself, ends up isolating the individual from certain friends or acquaintances.

It seeks to achieve a higher level of seriousness and commitment in the relationship, but only time and circumstances will determine the possibilities of it. A few months later, the attention of the individual will focus on knowing more about your partner, to understand even the smallest feeling and detail will be one more element to shape more fully the bond that unites them.

In this sense, you should not push too hard, in most cases people usually close ranks looking for others not to know their most intimate aspects and even if it is given within the relationship a line of trust can be taken at any time including an aggression

The individual must determine what is the reason for his need to know more about his partner and of course must know that he must respond to the same extent in order to be fair and find the necessary feedback to maintain a healthy balance.

Towards the middle of the year, it is likely that, starting from very specific circumstances, important conflicts will start to occur which will sometimes make living with their partner impossible. In fact, the individual will require more space and time for questions of a personal nature but the key will be to know how to propose it in such a way that it does not cause any susceptibility.

If these days you do not have a defined commitment to someone, it is very likely that you will break your singleness with ease because you will constantly be close to environments where you can meet many people and that will pleasantly meet in many cases the particular expectations of the individual, but it does not it means that he must commit himself to whoever crosses his path first.

In the last months of the year, it will be when the individual not having a partner can establish a link with someone with excellent possibilities for future development. At least as far as he is concerned, there will be given the economic, mental and mental conditions to make it effective.

Will have great willingness to share their ideas with everyone who has contact so you can easily give an idea of the general structure of who is dealing with, so it will not waste the opportunity to promote something if a certain situation is to your liking.

It may be that due to the above you have some incipient adventures but at the end of the day they will serve so that the individual more accurately conforms a criterion in this respect and that ensures that at the moment in which the indicated person arrives, things are given with security.

Since the beginning of November 2018, you have sought to find, create or develop family and personal bases that allow you to evolve more fully, to define or redefine your life, context you need, to feel secure, part of a family that corresponds values and expectations. Some Virgo will try to start a family, others will seek to expand it, strengthen their ties with relatives or simply change or buy a home in which they can evolve at will, and it is even possible to change their city or country to fulfill their need for belonging, sense of connection between your personal space and that of the partner.

You will have a great support from Jupiter until early December 2019 to help you reach your expectations and dreams, and will (for some Virgos) observe closely your main motivations and your way of understanding the relationship with the other, to give you really stable bases in your quest! The goal will then be to identify not only their needs, but also those of the relationship, looking around as well, seeking to carefully evaluate their emotional exchanges and their perspective (version) of love, so that it can determine what is fundamental, basing in the reality of the facts, so that you can destroy your projects!

Virgo Social Life 2019
Your social life is going to be quite limited. Everything will revolve around new friends, which you will do in NGOs, seminars, talks … on religious and spiritual topics and the new activities you have entered. If you are single, do not ever go to Pubs and clubs, because you will feel out of the environment.

Virgo Work 2019
This year you will be calmer at work. You will settle for continuing as you are and will not look for a better job. You look for more stability and have a comfortable job, that covers your needs well, but you will not be too ambitious.

Your open fronts and your challenges are in the family and home and love and sex. Your partner will have a year of work successes, which will keep you a little away from you.

At the beginning of the year, the individual is given the opportunity to experiment with his ideas, for this he will count on the unconditional support of his superiors and those on his side. It will be a time of uncertainty so it is necessary that you have well fixed the look even in the smallest detail.

He may make some relationships but if he does not control his temperament, they may represent a real obstacle to the development of his particular activities.

Its economy will be dedicated to satisfying the needs that in its primary nucleus can not wait a moment more, hence it is necessary that it continually adhere to a discipline that protects the budget that marks to achieve everything that has been proposed.

A few months later, he will have greater freedom to venture into areas unknown to him from which, in addition to enriching himself in the professional, will allow him to find next to other excellent businesses with good development capacity.

It is important that you do not despair, things may be moving at a slow pace, but this does not mean that your activities are doomed to failure.

If you have the elements and contacts you should not hesitate to do so.

By the middle of the year, it is when the individual will perceive more forcefully the results of the work done so far. If you have been able to make the right decisions you can boost your career very high with the emergence of opportunities that tend to change your perspective radically.

However, if he has not acted properly, it will not only be a time when he experiences various economic difficulties, but the impact on the psychic level will be such as to restrict for a good time his willingness to work and the new challenges that may arise.

At this time of year, you will have to deal with your responsibilities to the government and banking institutions so it will be very convenient to make enough capital to cover them properly. Already in the last months of the year, the individual returns to the internal work, with his already stable economy can be dedicated to the development of new ideas and projects that end up being the main structure of his work activity.

He has been able to affirm a style of work that has necessarily earned him adepts but also detractors and perhaps his main task is to demonstrate to all his capacity with actions.

Not for that it means that never it is wrong but with the great experience that has been able to gain it is more feasible that it finds alternatives to solve diverse obstacles although these at the beginning are not very orthodox. You should have more attention to your home by not provoking some conflicts that somehow restrict you to give the best of yourself in the work environment.

Virgo Money 2019
Virgo, your standard of living is good and in 2019, it will not be a priority for you. You will continue with your current life train and you will feel satisfied. There could be timely changes in the money, but they will be temporary changes and without consequence.

There will be harmony at home and you will be excited to buy that 2nd address or / and move from home. If you bought an apartment or a house, everything will turn out well and it will be exactly what you were looking for. If you want to invest, I advise you the real estate, beauty, health or restoration sector.

Your second finance house will become powerful after September 25 and will be strong until next year. Finances are important to you. The interest is there and the aspects are wonderful. Another year of prosperity.

This year, you will see the dramatic connection between self-esteem and purchasing power. Because you are becoming more, you have bigger and better ideas for yourself. You inevitably earn more. You send more in the market.

This is a year to live the good life, enjoy good food, good restaurants, good wine and all the best things in life. To travel more Accessories and luxury personal clothing maybe a completely new wardrobe is coming. You dress for success. You use the image of wealth and others see you that way.

The speculations are favorable this year as well, although always remember never to do this blindly, but under intuition. Later in the year, Jupiter will enter your Money House. This shows an increase in wealth. The assets you already own increase their value. Maybe he sees value in things that he never realized they were there. It is as if you were sitting in a gold mine, but you never knew it until Jupiter (through its agents) pointed it out to you.

Property seems to be a source of profit. Maybe a financial alliance with a family member is happening. Family members provide financial support and provide the opportunity. You are spending more at home, investing more in it.

In general, Jupiter governs the publication, long distance operators whether in telecommunications or transport and travel. Professional investors will want to follow these industries to make a profit.

These are just the general trends of the year. With Venus in rapid movement as your financial planet, the gains will tend to come from many areas and many people. We (you and I) will cover these short trends in monthly forecasts.

Venus makes a rare (every two years or so) retrograde from May 17 to June 29. This will not stop the gains, but it will introduce delays and some minor irritations. Sometimes, an agreement or pending project is suspended for a while so that everyone can study the subject with more care. In general, more financial tasks need to be done during this period. It is a time to investigate outstanding investments or important purchases, but not to actually make them.

On a generic level, Jupiter governs metaphysics, religion, philosophy and higher education, higher knowledge. Many of you will spend on education next year. Invest in education so you can improve earnings later. Others, and this seems desirable, will take courses on finance, investment, money management, etc. and most importantly, it will refine your philosophical and religious beliefs about wealth. Many people are held back financially due to false or misunderstood religious beliefs. Many of these types of limitations will disappear in the next year. The first step in long-term wealth, as you will discover in the next year, is to obtain the correct “metaphysical concept” about it. The correct philosophy Once this is achieved, the mechanics will fall into place, but if essential metaphysics is lacking, then all the mechanics and effort in the world will not have lasting results.

A Solar Eclipse on October 14 will shake up your financial life, but this will be a good reorganization, something you need. It will free you to a greater wealth. You will be forced to make positive changes that will eventually lead to greater wealth.

Virgo Home and Family 2019
The Home and the family will be the most important of the year and your main challenge. Your relationship with the children, you will focus on it in another way, because you will realize that you can have fun and educate them, improving your communication. You must be more strict with them. This translates to happiness in the family. You will receive the support of your partner, who will agree with you. Your partner will improve his income and he will be happy.

If you are Virgo women, who want to have a child, 2019 is a good time, because you will be very fertile. Also your brothers / as could expand the family and they will have a very good year economically. Possible move or redecoration of your home or you will buy a second home as an investment. You will find the house you want.

The problems of home and family have been important to you for many years, but they are even more so this year. His fourth house is a house of power, but the most important thing is that the Lord of the 4th house, Jupiter, his family planet is on his own poster for most of the year.

Pluto in your house 4 (for some years now) often indicates a death in the family, but it does not necessarily have to happen in a literal way. It will often show a breakdown of the family or domestic pattern or a family crisis. Often this can mean an emotional separation from the family. He always shows an interest in deep psychology, an exploration of the past and family history, a discovery of the sources of old wounds, behavior and emotional patterns. Many of you are involved in psychological therapies. Many are involved in the genealogy, tracing the history of their family and their own roots.

Many of you feel the need to reform the pattern of the whole family. The old ways of doing things, raising children and domestic routines are considered ‘evil’ and should be eliminated. There could be secret covert wars with certain members of the family. These wars are not fought with bullets or bombs, but psychologically, through propaganda and pressing buttons.

On a purely physical level, Pluto in your house 4 is showing great repairs or renovations, deep things in your current home. Those who rent can find that their owner is undertaking these things. Those who own their own home will undertake these projects themselves.

However, despite all these jolts and ruptures, many happy things are happening at home. The new domestic pattern brings a different kind of closeness to the family members. You can relate to them in a new and better rational way, in a way that is not influenced by the pain and traumas of the past. Family members seem to support them both financially and emotionally. A parent (or a parent) could stay with you and this seems basically happy. A father or mother figure is paying a lot of attention (much more than usual) to you.

The problems of home and family will tend to be more active from November 21 to the end of the year. Virgos of childbearing age are much more fertile this year.

Virgo Health 2019
Your health will improve in relation to the previous year and energy also. You have already learned how to keep your energies high and your muscles strong. As of March 7, things change and what suits you is to exercise more smoothly. You do not have to worry, because you’ll be fine, you’ll only have discomforts and minor illnesses, in a timely manner. There will be times in the, that you get nervous and contract, in those moments or better once a month, you would feel good and energetic massages throughout the body.

Your weak points, from that date will be: the back, neck, ankles, throat. Your spiritual evolution will lead you to see your physical problems as a consequence of your lack of energy focus. Faith, prayer, meditation … will be your best medicine. You should read about the different disciplines to understand the origin of emotional conflicts and improve your well-being.. You will understand many things.

The Virgos are always interested in health and the fact that their sixth house of health is still strong reinforces this interest. As mentioned, health has improved a lot compared to last year, but it is still necessary to monitor it. Saturn has moved away from a stressful alignment with you, but now Uranus has replaced it. If you have been reading my reports for the past few years, you will know how to deal with this situation. “Rest and relax more.” Prioritize Concentrate on the things that are important to you and let minor things go. Delegate or outsource projects whenever possible. High energy is the main defense against all types of illness.

The planet Neptune, which rules the feet, has been in its sixth house of health for many years. This shows that keeping your feet healthy is important for overall health, but now the importance of the feet is magnified as your health planet, Uranus, now moves towards Pisces, which governs the feet.

Now more than ever, try wearing shoes that fit comfortably. Avoid shoes that imbalance or distort the contours of your body. Keep your feet warm during the winter. Regular foot massages and foot baths will have a positive overall impact on both energy and health.

The ankles, too, are very important. Be sure to provide them with adequate support when exercising or giving in to strenuous sports. More injuries arise from wobbly ankles than reported. I have seen cases in which a client says: “Nothing happened to my ankles, it was my knee that got hurt skiing”, but he did not realize that the reason he fell was because his ankles wobbled and They unbalanced her. The ankles should be massaged regularly.

Your health planet moves towards the Pisces spiritual sign for the next seven or more years. This tells us many things.

Good health for you means a healthy spiritual life. Feeling disconnected or not of the ‘Grace’ of the Higher Power can affect health. In the coming years, many of you will learn that, in reality, there is only one source of health and healing, the grace of the Higher Power.

When healing is granted, almost any technique, pill or herb will work, but if that cure is not granted, there is no doctor, pill or potion that can help you. Then, if you feel bad, you must first seek your healing from within.

Many of you have been interested in spiritual healing techniques for many years. This trend is only going to intensify now. Prayer, meditation, saying the word, laying on of hands, yoga and polarity therapies are going to be very interesting now and you will get good results from this kind of thing. Many of you will develop your own curative talents (already considerable) in this sense.

Having your planet of health in mystical Pisces suggests that many of you will now be disengaged from health systems and routines. It’s possible that a pill or herb that worked once did not work next time or that something that did not work once worked now. This happens to show you that you remain open to your inner guidance when it comes to health. Each health situation is unique and must be addressed in a unique way.

Your health planet, which is now in the 7th House of Love, Marriage and Social Activities, is adding a new dimension to your health. It shows that good health for you also means a healthy love and social life, that love and social happiness are important for health in general, that you are so concerned about the health of your lover (and the health of the relationship) as you are with your own health, that health problems have their origins in love and in social problems. Therefore, if you feel bad, take a look at any social or love disharmony and work to solve the problem there before going to a health professional.

Most likely, the health problem dissolves on its own and even if the services of a health professional are needed, healing will take place much more quickly and easily.

When Jupiter is in his own Sign (his 1st Solar House), there is a tendency to indulge in the good life, too much food, too much sensual delight and this can be a danger to health. Enjoy the good life by all means, but keep it in balance. Fortunately, you, Virgo, understand it very well.

Health needs special attention from February 19 to May 7, from May 21 to June 21 and from November 21 to December 21. Try to rest and relax more during these periods.

Virgo Personal Evolution 2019
2019 is going to be a year of great evolution and personal improvement for you. You will live a new experimentation of your love life, you will see the great importance that sex has and you will want to experience it in another way. Also with the family in general.

Religion, spirituality will be perceived differently and you will want to delve into all that is Quantum Physics and work energy in another way. You will even change. During the next 7 years they will be evolving spiritually and this will be produced by your tendency to compare your new beliefs with Science.

Virgo Studies 2019
If you are a student, you will be fine as always. You are very aware of the permanent effort that must be made, to get good grades and take an excellent course. In that, only Capricorn is at your height. The study combined with sport, is ideal for you. In addition, this year you will be attracted by themes: religious, spiritual, occult, quantum physics, different disciplines to understand the origin of emotional conflicts and improve your well-being., philosophy.

I am Mary Emma born in 1996 and have been working as a full-time blogger since 2010. The socio-familial context led me to the area of Sciences and universe attending the Astrology course. But her philosophical inclination inclined her to the territory of Astrology, Psychology.