Virgo Love Horoscope in April 2018 in search of the Grail

Virgo Love Horoscope in April 2018 in search of the Grail

Love Predictions of Virgo in April 2018
You aspire to raise or reach a loving ideal in April and do not hesitate to work with Virgo friend so that your stories take up the challenge and meet your level of requirement. Leave to argue a little, sometimes tickle the other to test the depth of his feelings and possibly sound yours. A month where your ardor and your desire to live idylls of exception will push some to be sometimes a little too rigid in the expression of their desires at the risk of cooling a little atmosphere. Others will magnificently return any situation to their advantages and others still feed a passionate climate where the tender dialogues will allow them to narrow the ranks and decline April in a hurry to discover a thread, two, three.virgo love predictions in april 2018

1st decan (August 23rd-September 3rd): the heart not too much at the party!
Since the end of December, you sift your emotions and try to understand what is going on inside you emotionally. You have the feeling that your stories are not what they were, that the passions have cooled down or that the love is not there anymore. Rather than constantly doubting or worse to provoke the other to see if you can actually still touch him in the heart, you’d better bet on the depth and authenticity of your feelings to question the partner about how he feels effectively. This not necessarily glamorous step will, however, allow you to avoid that certain discussions degenerate into battles row or worse do not lead you to the impasse!

As a couple, you have trouble communicating and tend to retreat into your ivory tower rather than sincerely express what is happening in you! Are you tempted to judge the relationship and titillate the other (on the 5th, the 25th) to explore the situation? You’d better start a real discussion on the bottom (7, 30) rather than useless polemics, even dangerous for the balance of your duet. By the way.

Single, hard to convince you that love always exists and that you are entitled to it. Either you play the skeptics, or you start improbable discussions about the reality of true love. So you are not in a good mood in April to play the dull lovers and might even be tempted to cool the impulses of others. Try to reason a little (7, 30) rather than risk (5, 25) to remove those who find you grumpy and defeatist.

2nd decan (4 September-13 September): you find the way (the voice) of the heart!
You will probably be a little nervous and eruptive at the beginning of the month and if we look for you. we will find you (the 4)! There is no question of living warm loves but passionate debates that you will try to control if you want them to contribute to your emotional development rather than turn to the storm!

Wait until the 15th to restart constructive exchanges. From the 11th, the 12th and the 14th, Venus and Mars will work together to put rumba and love in the air! The opportunity then to turn the ring into a playground of lovers delightfully complicit and inspired!

As a couple, if you started a little-complicated exchange and likely tense last month, you will certainly go to April a bit on edge. Fortunately, you will benefit on 11, 12, 14 or more delicious than offensive arguments that will allow you to reconnect with the vertigo of love and revisit with the other without waiting for the map of the tender.

Single, you are tense like a bow at the beginning of the month when you will not manage to get out of controversies that put your patience to the test and does not favor your development.

To avoid that the discussions (and possible quarrels) do not drag on, bet on your heart to raise the debates and arouse the passions on the 11th, the 12th and the 14th when you will not leave anyone indifferent. The best time of the month to pick up the thread of a sensitive story or make love to anyone! Be that as it may, before May 6, you should close the proceedings to your advantage.

3rd decan (September 14-September 22): the temperature climbs!
If you are tempted to train the other on slippery ground (the 11th), to stir up, for example, its jealousy, prefer to play the card of the dialogue and the sensual complicity around the 14. You will have everything to gain to surround passionately the other who will make you a hundred times your benefits. The ambiance of dream assured and soft chills shared to savor without reserve and to extend throughout a month which could well meet your expectations and allow you to approach far and near the seventh sky. You will not hesitate to maintain the flame (the 17, the 2) and could then close April in trance!

As a couple, you should remember this month of April to mark in the annals? A climate of passion and sensuality that lifts you from the ground and transports you to nirvana on the 14th! You will then make every effort to extend your tender debates and frolics on the 17th and 24th where you will know what to say and what to do to seduce the partner undoubtedly in love.

Single, it’s time (and month) to get out of the woods and make sparks in love. Be careful not to sabotage your chances on the 11th by seeking to control (manipulate) the other. You will then have many assets to fly and keys on the 4th, 17th and 24th. No doubt that in April you will not be cold and could then without qualms but in great excitement of the senses you discover one thread and invite the other to deliciously do the same.

Our Advice
In April, love should be at the center of your concerns and you will seek to evolve your bonds. It’s up to you to maintain the debates that will pull your stories up without trying to trap the other at the risk of losing feathers (1st decan). The others will know a priori what to say and what to do to reach their ideal without triggering quarrels, doubts but on the contrary by waking desire of the other!


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