Virgo Love Horoscope Today

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Virgo Love Predictions Today [date]

The Moon continues in Gemini and so is the planetoid Ceres that today enters that sign. The planets Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and the planetoid Pluto remain retrograde. Beware of arguments with in-laws, in-laws, or conflicting relatives. There are no small enemies and it is time to take all measures to safeguard your privacy and protect your sentimental integrity. This is your day of reconciliation.

It is likely that today you will feel energized, that you will be able to take advantage very well to face your tasks and projects and to have the strength to go ahead. In the intellectual aspect you run at full speed, with enough power to face any job that comes before you and complete it ahead of schedule. As your emotions have identical strength, the subsequent enthusiasm will be equally shocking. How lucky is your partner!

So, as the stars advise you today, you should look to the future, even forgetting the present to sow a field of happiness and be able to reap the fruits of love.

The conquest. The people of Virgo are characterized by always needing a warm-up or proper start, to prepare them correctly for what is coming; Romance will always be a correct way to enter the heart and the bed of a virgo, being important details and small things that will make each day that the love and desire of these people pass for you to grow without stopping, and you become In his loving obsession.

Virgo, from the planet Mercury, which is the planet of love, proposes to all his children, to find couples who not only understand and love them, but at the time of intimate relationships are delicate and begin to generate more confidence Until reaching great discharges of energy, heat and especially of tension.

Put yourself in a higher plane than this person, so that you feel safe and protected, give your confidence telling you your problems and letting him know that he is a person that you can trust blindly, this will surely get any Virgo start to lose Head for you, making you a new object to have and care for, like any of your collections and lists.

Giving away objects that you can collect and display, as well as clothes of the best taste, are direct keys to the bed of a virgo, since your passion is hidden in your obsessions, and probably if you get to have relations with a virgo you will notice that it is very difficult Get to get real passion, since the care and affection is first, making you live a intimate relationship a little different, in which you will have to be able to control your impulses and make gentle movements and caresses in the place and time indicated to go crazy And go crazy with a virgo at your side.

How they behave. The Virgo behave as they are expected to behave, as true beings of love, even if it sounds a little ridiculous or old-fashioned, the Virgo prefer to give love, and gradually the passion takes over his body, to become a machine of Pleasant satisfaction and very pleasant, that will teach you that intimate relationships do not always have to be approached with a brusqueness or passion overwhelmed from the beginning, but with gentleness and tenderness can reach the climax.

They adore the games of conquest and excitement, especially those that have to do with soft caresses and subtle kisses all over the body, both his and her partner, being beings capable of giving and receiving very high amounts of pleasure.

Whether it be horns or other problems, when the relationship can come to an end, Virgo recovers its most innate coldness and leaves the life of whoever it is without looking far behind. Even if it hurts in the soul. Of course, they prefer to be left or provoked to be left before they make the last decision, deep down it is very hard for them to have to say goodbye, whatever happened.

On a day-to-day basis, when discussing, they do not like threats or lengthening the issue on which there is no agreement. They prefer to fix things at the moment. And to keep the flame alive, it helps a lot to present the problems as a challenge rather than as an insurmountable obstacle and of those who give a tremendous laziness of pure boring they are. Virgo always listens. You have to take advantage to talk about everything whenever possible, especially when you are more relaxed. And if you want some space and solitude, it does not cost so much to give it to you, you need it from time to time, and if there are other stages in which you need more than ever either. In return your love could be said to be for life. A dream!

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