Virgo Luck Today 5th January 2019

Virgo Luck Today 5th January 2019

On the side of your finances, good news releases you from annoyances that have no more reason to be, you can move on to pleasant projects. In addition, new trade agreements are clearly favored, it is the moment to prospect, to develop.

The distant Neptune is getting closer to your sign, as rarely before. Its dark side encourages you to spend your money in a reckless way which attracts the anger of your loved ones.virgo luck today 5th january 2019

In addition to your impulse purchases, you decide to make a significant donation to an association that works for a cause that is important to you. This selfless action will do you the greatest good. Only now, now you will have to tighten your belt a bit until next month. Was the game worth the candle?

Everything that happens today makes you freer and more caring with yourself. You discover new professional options that arise in your social activities, your cultural pursuits or your travels.

At work, if you can in the morning, put yourself in a corner, and do not move, do it … Indeed, the slightest annoyance may put you in an angry state, and you could then have reactions that would be very badly interpreted. At least make sure you take it from those who deserve it and not from those who have nothing to do with it.

This is not the day to go shopping … You will be tempted by anything and everything, as you are enraged and some of you will have a hard time not to give in to temptation. This is not really the solution to calm you down. On the contrary, it will make you even more furious tomorrow.

You can be examining your budget right now. You recently had some extra expenses. Maybe you worry about the cash flow. Try not to worry too much.

Today you will see how to increase your bank account. Maybe you should take an extra job. Or maybe ask for a loan. If you make a more careful spending plan, you will soon see improvements.

You can receive good news that will give a very positive turn to your financial situation. You could receive an increase, bonus, gift or compensation soon, or discover an unexpected ability to make money, or both. Whatever it is, today you will focus on economic issues. Enjoy the situation.

Virgo Lucky Numbers Today 16, 21, 35, 43, 82

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