Virgo Monday 2 January 2017 You will be successful in a novel project

This Monday I’m very wise with your words, Virgo. Do not say “no” to an unexpected proposition because you need a little time to think about it and meditate on what you are going to do. Take advantage of this Monday and get up a little earlier than usual so you can get through all the backward things you have and enjoy more of the weekend that in a few days you will have in front of you.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Monday...
Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st August 2022

This is an important cycle in your love life and family and you should spare no effort and time to show people you love how much you care.

The Moon is entering the sign of Pisces which is your opposite. The only retrograde planet is Mercury in transit through Capricorn. You are enveloped in a kind of aura of light, passion and attraction that will make seduction very easy for you, but it can also create problems of jealousy with your partner if you show yourself too flirtatious with other people. Take care of your relationship. Your charm can be your best weapon, or turn against you if you let third parties influence with gossip and murmurings and put you in embarrassing situations, Virgo.

Do not go for charlatans. Make sure you are doing things the way you should and not being influenced by the cues of impromptu people who know nothing about medicine and may be compromising your health with your ideas.

To err is human and today it can happen to you, so if you confuse yourself in something that you must do in your work do not spend the day. There is no problem in this, the difficulty lies when it is not recognized. Something beautiful is brewing preparing for you.

Money and fortune
If you are thinking of buying something big like a computer, a house or an expensive equipment do not throw yourself to the first thing that arises because today you are with the tone of the compulsive buyer and you could spend more of the account in something that is worth less.