Virgo Monthly Horoscope April 2017

Virgo Horoscope April 2017 and its predictions

This month of April Virgo is a regular month for you the best health and social life. Lucky numbers: 7-17-26-27.

monthly virgo horoscope

Virgo love April 2017

In love you will regulate, worse than last month. Differences with your partner, will muddy the good relationship, that you usually have with her. It is a matter that you avoid the confrontations and try to solve it with tranquility and affection.

Social life and friendship Virgo April 2017

Social life will be very active. Month moved and with many activities and social life with your usual friends. You will want to accept and have fun. Nothing prevents you, on the contrary, you are interested in changing airplanes and being little at home. If you have a partner, drag it with you, to have fun and leave the problems behind. When the environment is rare, you have to move the energies.

Virgo work April 2017

In the work there will be everything. Do not worry, if something does not come out, if you fail a business or a proposal, others will come soon. If it’s about projects or ideas alike. They will propose to you to set up a business. Study well before. The second fortnight everything will flow better. You need to focus on the work, so that you are affected by so many changes, so much movement and it costs so much to materialize. Do not be nervous.

Virgo money April 2017

Of money you will be regular, because you will have prosperity, but very complicated. You will have movement, business, but they are in suspense or they have not just signed and will pay you late. Money is generally late, but it ends up coming. You will have an opportunity to invest and your intuition will push you to do it, but consult beforehand. Your partner will do very well financially and will help you.

Virgo family April 2017

This month you will be regular at home and your partner will disagree with you on some things. You will not be comfortable, because every time you start talking, you will end up arguing. This will impact on family life and it will be better to be entertained by doing activities, until the storm passes.

Virgo Health April 2017

Health will be good. You will have a lot of energy and vitality. You will want to move and do sports, going out, doing activities. That’s good, do it, do not deprive yourself of anything.

Virgo studies April 2017

If you are a student you will do very well. It will be easy for you to study and get good grades. If you are an adult, it would be a good month to study something new or to recycle.

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