Virgo Monthly Horoscope of December 2017

Virgo Monthly Horoscope of December 2017

Virgo, December will be a month where you will feel that things start to take their rightful place, so you can take a break. During this month of December your ruler, the planet Mercury will be all the time in direct transit in the elements water – until the 5th, and later fire. These transits create a cycle of surprising invitations within your horoscope in which confessions of a sentimental nature abound and those around you will marvel at the admirable way in which you react to the different challenges that arise in your life.

For Virgo unmarried, December will not be a month especially moved in your area of relationships, since your natural tendency will be rather to seclude you and share more with old friends and family. You do not want to leave your comfort zone and it will be good if you do not do it. The body must be given what it asks for, and this month it will ask you for serenity, introspection and really think about what you want at the couple level. For the Virgo with the partner, the month is relaxed and without conflicts. The serene routine that reassures Virgo so much will be the protagonist and there will not be too many surprises, nor questions to discuss. Even if your partner gets bored a little when these moments arrive, they are the earthly paradise for you, that you love the security of the identical days.virgo monthly horoscope in december 2017

Virgo Love Monthly Horoscope of December 2017
What is being presented now in your Virgo sign will change the dynamics of your loving reality. During this astral stage of the month of December if you are single or in the middle of a romance do not miss this opportunity and explore the terrain so that when you say “yes” or “no” you are totally convinced. In love, they will do better. Even if there are disagreements and fights, it will improve and they will be able to clarify certain issues, which will gradually be balanced and improved. Avoid confrontations, because they could end up very badly. Best days: 2,3,5,6,7,11,12,13,14,20,21,22,23


Virgo Health Monthly Horoscope of December 2017
Maybe you are somewhat tense during the first days of the month. Some problems associated with the digestive tract can be resolved happily with a change in eating habits. Look at what you’ve been eating recently because possibly there is the key to some recent upsets. Health will be good. especially the 2nd fortnight. The parties are going to relax and you can rest a lot.

Virgo Work Monthly Horoscope of December 2017
A change of position in your work can cause you certain unexpected setbacks. Do not worry, all these movements are good and in the end, you will see that they help you to prosper, but concentrate well as new responsibilities will arise. You, as Virgo, know well what to do and how. The work will go well and they could have two. One fixed and one sporadic. They will have clear ideas about their work, but it will not be their priority. They will remain the same as they are. Best days: 9,10,11,12,13,19,20,21,29,30

Virgo Money and Luck Monthly Horoscope of December 2017
Get in touch immediately with that person who is looking for you and soon you will receive pleasant economic surprises. An observation launched lightly stimulates your imagination and makes you remember a distant friend who once proposed a trip and a business. The money is going well. The money will be earned only by your work. There are no extra money entries. But your partner is going to do very well and they will support you financially. Best days: 1,2,3,4,5,6,11,12,13,20,21,22,30,31

Family and home will be full boiling. The emotional well-being that they will have achieved gives them happiness and desire to have fun, so they are going to have some super happy holidays. The rest of things will not count for you, just happiness and fun

The students will be very focused and the exams will go very well. Adults who are studying something will also do very well and will evolve psychologically. Your level of understanding towards others will benefit you a lot.

The previous months have been full of commitments and demands and it is time for you to pause to put your personal and family matters in order. On the other hand, health, although good, already begins to give you signals that you have surpassed yourself in certain attitudes and it will be time to take the bull by the horns.

Organize your schedule, sleep the appropriate hours and in general make a love to your body, which is what allows you to act fluently and is your best partner to achieve your ambitions. The family will be very demanding during this month and you will be very patient with your friends, as they will be especially in need of your understanding. December will also give you the opportunity to fix your house, reencounter with your plants or your pets. Enjoy it because in December they will return to your life, the external demands.

This month of December will be involved for the holidays, joy and social life. The most important of the month will be emotional stability, family well-being, family, and fun. This month of December 2017 will highlight issues related to your roots, family, the intimate foundations of your life. The transit of the Sun into your symbolic three house will create more exchanges and movements in your family circle and you will be the stable link in the chain.

This is at least the role that your entourage will want you to hold, which will not necessarily be your taste in all situations. You will have to let go of certain prerogatives with the youngest to maintain a good course, changes in this direction are unavoidable. The transit of Jupiter at your sign announces this month emphasizes the fact that your professional life requires you to go beyond yourself and go beyond the limits that you thought insurmountable, compared to your abilities. Your sentimental life will be charged with lively exchanges, invigorating but which rightly push you to relax in relation to some of your ideas, your judgments of your conceptions of love.