Virgo Monthly Horoscope for the April 2020

Virgo Monthly Horoscope for April 2020

The Virgo horoscope in April will have great changes and concerns about the Pandemic. The most important thing: love, work, and money. Lucky numbers for April: 1-2-5-6-7-8-9-13-14-20-21-23-24.

You will do very well in love. You will live a very romantic and happy month with your partner, despite the circumstances. If you are single, you will find someone very interesting with whom you will fall in love. He will be a very spiritual and alternative person, who will love you and will share his ideas with you. You will start a new stage, with new activities and new intellectual interests. (even if it is by video conference)virgo monthly horoscope april 2020

For you, a waning phase has a beginning just during this month and in particular after April 4.

We are talking about the sentimental sector because Venus is no longer in trigone and therefore does not favor feelings, new love encounters, a nice climate with the couple but only if you have not managed to solve some problems in the past.

Well, it is necessary to be very attentive to marital crises that have not been solved with Venus in trigone and that now, therefore, could worsen. Fortunately, Jupiter is with you and its positive influence can help to find a good solution or, if separation is necessary, this planet in trigone allows us to close everything with serenity and without making many wars.

Love is also on the decline and your power with Mars is something interesting in the sky and with Venus and Mercury they are not positive, they do not provide opportunities to meet and meet new people. Behold, therefore, lonely hearts will be slightly disappointed for most of the month. Communicating with the person you love now is a more difficult but not impossible thing.

Work and Money
Defeating the advantageous influence of Venus is not also a nice thing as far as the work is concerned but especially if it is an artistic work. Good news but it comes for you and it is the end of the opposition of the planet Mercury with your sky.

This opposition ends on April 12 and therefore from this date you can, flat level, overcome and be particularly active at a professional and economic level. Possible problems that have worried you in the past, can now find a good solution and if you are waiting for a sum of money or a job opportunity that did not come, then the second part of the month could give you great surprises.

The level of optimism and confidence in your qualities increases now from April 20 with the sun in trigone but the most important thing is that the dialogue also improves and the nervousness that you had in the past weeks, flat plains, disappears and allows you to be more serene with the possibility of being understood mainly about the workplace by colleagues and dependents. Jupiter can give away optimal job opportunities for those who want to change their professional life.

You will do very well at work, especially if you are a commercial and you dedicate yourself to selling. It will also be favorable to all those professionals who work with communication: journalists, teachers, writers, PR … You could receive an offer from a foreign company. If you want to change and do not want to wait, go abroad to find a job, you will find it and it will compensate you.

Economically you will do well. They could raise your salary. If you want to earn more, you should look for it in foreign companies or abroad. If you have any idea, you could travel and see life and live how the country you would like to live in is like.

If luck is indicated then by the planet Jupiter this month should be very happy for you because its trigone continues in the sky but things do not always go like this in astrology. For Jupiter to positively influence your life, other planets also have to be favorable, but the fundamental element is to act without standing firm to wait.

Well, this luck, which at the moment is not exceptional, has to be investigated by working, finding people, in short, trying very hard in each sector of your earthly existence. Mercury and Mars are not in a good position in the sky and frown, the energies are lacking and do not allow them to be particularly active.

In any case, if you have to face a trip, the news may come just from these trips in other cities and therefore you are not closed at home, believing you are not happy in this period.

Although the planets are not with you in these weeks, everything you sow now and that can cost a lot of fatigue, will lead to a huge harvest in the coming months. It may be better to wait before jumping in for a new home or car. Don’t spend too much money.

Family and Friends
The family will be well, united and happy. Your family will be lucky with the money. Something will happen, that will improve your economy and you will live more financially. Each of you will be working telematically. But you will spend it quietly at home, in harmony, chatting about pending issues and watching movies.

Social life will be active, but misunderstandings could arise with friends or anyone since this month you will have trouble expressing exactly what you think, through WhatsApp and you could be misinterpreted. To avoid this type of conflict, you should think well before speaking and use video calls.

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