Virgo Monthly Horoscope of October 2020

Virgo Monthly Horoscope of October 2020

This month of October for Virgo will be good economically. The most important thing will be money and family. The lucky numbers for October will be 3-4-5-10-13-14-21-22-23-31. The future is extremely interesting and attractive, like a magnet. Also, it is very difficult to characterize our attitude to him unequivocally: then we try to find out about him, then we are afraid of any information about him. However, more often we show interest than a denial that is why horoscopes are the most popular among them, the language that the stars speak to us about the future. A variety of horoscopes on love, finances, money, family, health in October 2020 for Virgo, read below.

Satisfied with the opportunities that Leo’s life will present in October, these children of Mercury will be in charge of cautiously managing all their goods, be they economic or emotional. Virgo is usually the most cautious sign of the zodiac and as Thai, it is difficult to risk. Always choose what is necessary and safe, before taking excessive risks. During October, love will smile at the hand of Cancer and Scorpio. Leo and Aquarius will put you in front of some troubling trade-offs. On a professional level, they will have the strong support of Leo, Libra, and Scorpio. Aries and Taurus will offer you their pleasant company as unconditional friends.virgo monthly horoscope of october 2020

The transit of Mars in Virgo will be very beneficial for Virgos, as it will give them an immediate sense of inner affirmation that will take hold as the month progresses. At the same time, Venus and Mercury in their House III will allow them to express themselves better, instead of having that customary introverted attitude that usually prevents them from making contact with the world. In relationships, they will find the necessary support and guidance. Mercury from Scorpio will give you greater mental acuity, which will have an immediate effect on studies and intellectual work. Friends like siblings and partners will play a leading role.

Virgo Astrology October 2020
Virgo is very rational and what he thinks will win out over his emotional instincts. Believe in a relationship in which everything is always clear, linear, and without subterfuge. It does not tolerate betrayal. With Venus in Virgo added to Mars and Jupiter, it will become more beautiful, elegant, soft, sensual, and magnetic. You will feel full of energy, vigor, practicality, quick, and efficient in concretely solving each question. At times, you may be more nervous, almost rushed, and at other times, you will become obsessive because you repeatedly want to fix everything. You can capture the momentum of Mars to fulfill your passions and desires without holding back. In October, Jupiter will promote interesting work opportunities, the income of money, as well as expand love in all its aspects. The birth of great love is not excluded. Neptune in Pisces generates the desire to modify your behavior, but it will clash with your objectivity and rational sense.

Virgo Predictions October 2020
Mars stationed in the XI House, of projects and friends, will provide the natives of Virgo with the scaffolding from which they will launch in search of the realization of their dreams. The desire for leadership and the need to achieve concrete results will make the children of Mercury redesign their strategies in the professional field. For this purpose, they will have the support of very active and protective people. Venus seated in the sign of Virgo from day 8, will allow you to enter previously inaccessible spaces.

If you are in a relationship, normality and good vibes invade your life as a couple. It will be a calm and placid month. If you are single, you will have chances to meet interesting people of the opposite gender, but everything will develop very slowly. I would say, you may meet someone you like this month, but you will start dating her in November.

The planets in Aries, located in your VIII House, open a period of deep introspection in which you will take stock. You will find a little energy from intense contact with the inner world. Certain sensations and alterations caused by Pluto in Capricorn sensually induce them to exchange passion and more passion. Be careful with the confusion, Venus and Neptune in Pisces will be a bit insidious, but they will give you a lot of seduction. An overwhelming adventure!

Virgo natives will abandon their shyness and use their subtle ability to seduce with the greatest of success. Those who already have a romantic relationship underway will consolidate it and many will be inclined to formalize the bond. With Virgo, there will always be the possibility of a harmonious encounter. The understanding will be given with Capricorn during the first part of October, a condition that will allow them to clarify pending questions. The romance with Aquarius will begin with the momentum of every beginning. Pisces will take care of getting her lover out of the routine.

Although October will begin with certain restrictions for the natives of Virgo in the field of love, from day 8 with the entry of Venus into his sign, Cupid will take charge of transforming the lives of many Virginians, rewarding them with unbeatable opportunities to initiate love affairs or strengthen those romantic relationships that are already underway. Also, you will achieve that these links form a balanced equation in which the right combination of tenderness and passion will be given in harmonious doses. A month to live love fully.

Delicious swings, which will go from a delicate sensuality to waves of passion. Virginians will have everything in their favor in October to explore new territories of pleasure with their partner. The gift of good romance will be conducive to affirming the commitment. For Virginians who do not have a stable partner, October will also bring interesting news. Above all, they will have enough inner tranquility to let themselves go and be determined to give their heart. From October 20 onwards they will be more at home, in the warmth of the family, fortunately in peace and wanting to have a good time.

Social Life
Social life will be minimal. You will be more focused on your family and doing activities with him and not with your friends. It will be a very quiet month for you.

This October work life will be very quiet. There are labor and economic stoppage, which slows down all the efforts and there is no progress. The positive part is that you will have time to reorganize and put all your papers in order. The downside is that you might get nervous when you think about future probabilities. Mercury in Libra, located in the sector of your resources, predisposes you to maintain good communication and relationship with others. You will receive excellent ideas and support, which you can take advantage of through professional complicity with your colleagues. With Jupiter and Mars in Virgo, you will have to worry about not being carried away by superfluous expenses and investments beyond your means. You know that, later, you will regret it. Be disciplined and maintain your conduct.

Both in October and all the rest, Gemini will not share the Virgo work methodology. While this native carefully analyzes every step he takes, the Gemini jumps into action, confident of correcting everything on the fly. Leo will put passion in everything he does, even if his behavior does not always convince his Virgo partner. Together with Libra, work will be pleasant. Between the two the discords will be absent and will complement each other in everything. Scorpio, like this son of Mercury, will know how to avoid traps that put his assets at risk.

With the support of those who place all their trust in these children of Mercury, Virginians will experience multiple satisfactions that will stimulate them to continue on the path that they have professionally traced. Likewise, Venusian protection will allow them such freedom of choice that they will stay away from all kinds of prejudices. In this way, they will be in a position to incorporate their rhythm into teamwork and will feel satisfied with what has been achieved. They will develop a feverish and continuous activity.

Mars will cause Virgo to jump-start and close deals with a determination alien to their nature. They will have all the persuasive power and mental agility necessary to secure job improvements, get a job, take honors exams, or do brilliant intellectual work. There will be some difficulties along the way, but the solution will come almost by itself. If these days you make an in-depth analysis of your current professional or financial situation, you will see things with strict realism. They will be able to detect new ways to make work-life more rewarding. Luck and prosperity.

Your economy will be excellent !! Your income will keep coming in happily. You will be lucky with money and you could win at a game of chance. Also, they will deposit more money than you expect. They will offer you to participate in some interesting and lucrative business. Listen to it and think about it carefully. If you have money to invest, your intuition will be very good.

Your family will be fine and in your house, everything will be in order. You will make changes in your house, taking advantage of such an economic bonanza. You will buy new furniture and appliances. And you will give them all the whims. You could go on a trip abroad taking advantage of the 12th bridge.

Possible unforeseen events, obstacles, and tensions. Saturn in Sagittarius will stay in the square of its House IV of the family nucleus for a long time, therefore you will have to arm yourself with patience. Also, it is recommended to avoid taking rigid positions and, above all, not to be discouraged by eventual problems. Your attitude will make the difference in knowing how to see the full part of the glass; if not, everything will be worse. Jupiter and then Venus in Virgo will help you resolve unfinished business. To bad weather, good face!

Your health will be very good. You will feel strong and beautiful. The presence of Venus in your house of health will make you feel good, energetic, and with great strength and attractiveness. Your self-esteem goes down, but next month, it will go up again.

The children of Mercury will have plenty of energy, so October will be a more than opportune month for those who have not yet folded into a sports routine, to do so as soon as possible or to start planning it seriously. Also, Virginians who want to have a harmonious body will have excellent opportunities to do so. Treatments and cosmetic surgeries will be very effective, as long as they are very careful in choosing the professional who will attend them.

There is a certain risk of blows and fevers, because of Mars located on the sign, and, as usual, intestinal problems will have to mistreat Virginians during October. They will have to go carefully through life in the first place, and secondly not to repress their emotions so much, especially their fits of anger or bad mood, since it is the body that suffers the consequences. The emotional world of Virginians will be marked by intensity and the need to share. Ask for affection, then, and do not shy away from caresses or kisses, for these will be the best remedies for the body and the soul.

No one is better suited than Aries to convince Virgo to abandon his responsibilities from time to time and indulge himself a little more. Even though this son of Mercury’s interest in astronomy is limited to the domestic sphere, Taurus’s proposal that they enroll in cooking courses will be welcome. Virgo would do well to open up to his Cancer friend who will understand him and will offer to help him. Excuses have a limit and if they are exceeded, misunderstandings will ensue. With Sagittarius, the confrontation will be imminent and the distancing, too.

If you are a student, you will be willing to study whatever it takes, to get very good grades. If you are an adult, this month of October will be important, because you will have time to read books that you had yet to read.

Astral Council of October for Virgo
Take advantage of the high doses of creativity offered by the astral energies of October. Try to reconcile work commitments with the needs of the family. You will be able to ask for help and collaboration from others without problems.

Focus on your assets and emotions, Virgo friend! The Sun in Libra until the 22nd illuminates your sector about salary. Venus enters your sign from 4 to 28, you are powerfully charismatic! Mercury, your planet in Scorpio until the 28th, sharpens your analytical mind, makes your intellectual exchanges deep and your travels fruitful. The heavyweights of the zodiac breathe in your love and change in the creative sector, regeneration, and legalization, last two deans. Uranus in Taurus in beautiful aspect for your Sun, first decan, opens new perspectives for your life. Mars in Aries boosts your libido, creates an attraction for the afterlife and cosmic mysteries! From the 23rd, the Sun in Scorpio facilitates your steps and exchanges with others.

Loving panorama: From the 4th, Venus settles in your sign and you find all its assets: charisma, attractive power, diplomacy, and other benefits! You are good this month to foster a fulfilling emotional life. Mars in Aries, abrupt and fiery, on the other hand, invites you to let go of your fears, your doubts, your modesty. Adapt!

If you are in a relationship: Beautiful harmony in perspective with your partner especially if you put down the financial questions that could appear until the 22nd. Learn to relax without always trying to understand everything. Your sensual life is subject to the pressure of Mars in Aries, live this increase in the power of your instincts!

If you are single: Emotional approaches are favored. Your charisma that increases from 4 to 28 cannot leave people indifferent. As for your sensual heat, you should be at your peak! Therefore, it is up to you to anchor in your life the changes you hope for. The advice of My Horoscope of the Day: Good month. Accept a certain intensity in your exchanges and the benefits will be greater. Neptune in front of your sign promotes a spiritual opening, the time has come to let go. Use your introspective mind for benevolent purposes.

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