Virgo Monthly Horoscope September 2020

Virgo Monthly Horoscope September 2020

This September for Virgo will be calm. The most important thing will be spirituality, money, family, health, and work. The lucky numbers for September will be 6-7-8-11-12-13-16-17-24-25.

If you are in a couple, the harmony and romanticism continue. A little fun, it would not be bad, or doing Yoga or Chi Kun together would unite you more … If you are single, you will attract the opposite gender with your statuesque body and your halo of spirituality. It makes you look like someone special and very attractive. You could meet someone interesting, but try to make them have the same interests as you.virgo monthly horoscope september 2020

Social Life
Friends are there and there will be meetings, with interesting and fun talks. You will also do some excursion or a weekend getaway.

This September work-life slows down. Everything happens slowly and it will give you plenty of time to reflect, organize your ideas, and come up with new projects, planning everything to the millimeter. This does not mean that you will be blocked, but it does mean that you will work calmly and you will be able to correct and optimize everything you do. Your professional reputation is unbeatable, you have everything under control and that gives you a lot of self-confidence and peace of mind.

Money and Luck
Of money, excellent !!! Your income will continue to arrive the same, even if the work goes down a bit. So you can live calm and confident. In the last week of the month, the best economic period of this year begins. The great learning and involvement in the spiritual life and the practice of some of these techniques and therapies will make you earn easy money because in this period money and spirituality go hand in hand.

Family and Friends
You will be very focused on your home and your family, to mold and educate them according to your criteria. When you get it, you will, you will feel calm and happy. They give you the emotional balance, which you need so much, to be able to carry out a successful professional life. The talks that you will have with all of them, will leave you calm to see the clarity of ideas, order, and planning, which you have managed to have all of them.

Your health will be very good. You will feel strong and full of energy. At this time you can dedicate yourself to doing sports and Fitness to leave yourself a perfect body. You will feel light and sure of yourself and your sculptural and attractive body. The practice of spiritual therapies or Yoga or Taichi or Chi Kun… will bring you a great balance and you will develop your intuition. The more spiritual you are, the more money will come to you.

If you are a student, you will be willing to study from minute zero. You like to study and it is easy for you to seclude yourself and concentrate. You will have a very good predisposition for study. If you are an adult, it will be a month in which work and family will occupy all your time.

Until the 6th, Venus pushes you to undertake, to make tender plans, then you take a step back in your emotions, the time to reflect on what works or not, and to extract the precious lessons of the past. Next month, the delicious planet will invert your sign, inviting you to launch a new cycle of your sentimental life. Don’t skip the September work to extract the essentials from the superfluous, Virgo friend, and knowingly reposition.

1st decan (August 23 – September 3): a relative waiting time!
Take advantage of the passage of Venus to take stock of the past year. What do you want to experience? What have you achieved in love? What have you overcome, integrated, or repressed? A little cleaning during this season will allow you from October 2 to approach your sentimental return more serenely and securely about what you want to develop in the future.

2nd decan (September 4 – September 13): beware of self-sabotage!
The sun strengthens your radiance and promotes your development. Around the 2nd and 9th, you will have the opportunity to experience loves capable of changing your ties, giving them meaning and luminosity. However, beware of an idealization of the other and take the time to probe your heart deeply to discover what you hope for in the future. Beware of misunderstandings if you let your emotions dominate. Channel your feelings in such a way that your reflections are used to illuminate, not to confuse the frequency.

3rd decan (September 14 – September 22): slippage to control at the end of the month!
Do not lose the arguments to open a constructive dialogue in love and make things change, but do not embark on expensive or risky projects: communicate on the subject before taking orders. Bet on the presence of the sun in your decan to overcome blockages or words that decrease the expression of your feelings. At the end of the month, step back to contain your desires. Otherwise, you risk spoiling the party by dominating the other.

Do not hesitate to withdraw from the romantic game if you feel that your emotions are overflowing, this will save you inconvenience and allow you to take stock of what you want to keep and improve so that the next emotional life cycle that is coming from the beginning of October is at hand. up to your expectations.

The first week
The 1st, strong arguments help you to change things, to transform what needs to be changed. You aspire to change codes, methods, and work.
The 2nd, the full moon recommends that you take into account the other and do not do it alone. If certain projects tempt you, verify that you have the means to carry them out without putting yourself in danger. Push your limits, your horizons, and for some, you thrive elsewhere or otherwise.
The 3rd, bet on your power of conviction to avoid the blocks that hinder your development.
The 4th, make sure your projects remain realistic so as not to trigger unnecessary conflicts, but bet on your magnetism and your ability to make a good impression.

The second week
The 9th, you attract attention, it is the perfect time to relight the flame, exercise your power of seduction, and express your creativity.
The 11th, you do not lack charm or resources to enchant whoever you want, but do not abuse so as not to induce any doubt at a relational level.

The third week
The 14th, you have the means to develop your approach to love and to exploit the buried gifts.
The 15th, do not allow your emotions to take control of your interventions, you run the risk of blurring the frequency, go back.
The 17th, avoid asking, claiming, spending: you will have no limits. The new moon puts you in the front line. It is up to you to shine without blinding the world. Use your powers to dispel objections that block your emotional growth and career advancement.

The fourth week
The 21st, if you exceed the limits imposed, you run the risk of suffering.
The 23rd, by demanding from others, you awaken conflicts and antagonisms that you were overcoming. Think before you go overboard and ask for too much.
On the 24th, you face resistance from those who have the power and the money and who do not want to give in to your insistence.
The 29th, If you take a step back from your emotions to control and use them better, you will be fine. Otherwise, you hit a wall. It depends on you.

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