Virgo Today Daily Horoscope Saturday 20th May 2017

Virgo Today Zodiac Daily Horoscope Saturday 20th May 2017

In love there will be a consolidation, a kind of promise that is fulfilled and will cause you joy. It comes in a different, dual tone. What does this mean? Very simple: Virgos who have a partner will be consolidating the relationship, if it is worth it, or terminating it if it does not suit them. The other alternative arises for singles and singles. Although they do not have a stable sentimental partner, they will not feel pressured to get it, on the contrary, they will be very calm enjoying this period of encounter with the internal Being, reviewing what they must change in their lives to take better advantage of the time, They had resolved.

This Saturday the Moon enters the sign of Pisces, which is your opposite sign, and there is a planetary trine between Saturn and Uranus. The planets Jupiter, Saturn and the planetoid Pluto remain retrograde. It is time to learn from past experiences. If someone paid you badly in a friendly relationship or love do not be discouraged but rather take it as a sign that it did not suit you! In life we ​​always learn, there are never failures.

Your sign now demands variety and any change you make in your life will stimulate you positively. If your job forces you to sit for many hours, it’s time to move, the same if you stand. Change of movement is the key to health.

If you are assigned a new task or responsibility, as it is about to happen, do not overwhelm or reject it since doing so could spoil a good opportunity. Take it as a challenge to your intelligence.

Be careful with your money as there are those behind you trying to complicate you with business that is not worth considering. Get your common sense, your talent and versatility to work, and you will not have any problems, Virgo.

It will stand for its spirit of struggle, creative ability, and for communicating its ideas accurately. Be careful, excesses can lead you astray. If the desire for change to improve is inside, remember that nothing comes alone, or that the Universe presents you with the necessary opportunities, but it is you who must learn to see them and take advantage of them in all their splendor. Those who live as a couple will maintain their conciliatory state for everything related to love relationships, and will have to leave their pride aside and prevent their excessive energy from turning against them.

It is not good that you always think that people have an animosity toward you, it is likely that this is only in your imagination, if someone makes a comment about it, it will always be about the negative attitude you are having at this time.

Changing your attitude towards certain people always brings risks, because many are likely to wonder if something bad happens to you, but sometimes it is necessary to do it, especially when those people are not giving you anything good.

Virgo will live a very tiring day, so it is very likely that he must be very aware of the tasks he must do, without losing sight of the goals that have been assigned to him days ago.

Do not ask for favors if you are not going to return the hand, it is better to try to solve things yourself today, do not let someone who owes you something does not return it.
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