Virgo Today Daily Horoscope Sunday 6th August 2017

Virgo Today Predictions Daily Horoscope Sunday 6th August 2017

The Moon has moved within your sign and moves, but the action of Venus remains direct in Virgo which is very good for you from every point of view. Your ease of conquest and unsurpassed successes in love. You are under the aegis of sensuality with the combined transit of your regent, Mercury, direct, and the planet of love, Venus, by your sign and element. Do not say unpleasant things to your partner motivated by jealousy or ideas that come to you suddenly. With discipline and a sense of organization you will achieve much more than discussing or trying to impose your points of view on your work. In other respects, if you are looking for a job, and you do not find it, quiet, there is a possibility in the making.

The misunderstandings and problems that arose in past days will be solved in a manner satisfactory to all. You have a good cosmic energy to your advantage and in the best of moments you will recover what you thought you had lost.virgo full daily horoscope 7th august 2017

Health is your greatest treasure and you must care for it, Virgo. Take care of the needs of your body. Do not go to recklessness or make nonsense going out in the open or not caring enough.

It is necessary that you apply yourself in a constructive way in your work and thus you will be able to solve pending issues and finish your next working day with satisfactory results.

Follow those intuitions that are coming to you and do not discard anything, coincidences sometimes do not exist, but are effects and causes related to each other, and this weekend you are about to receive money by different ways.

You will not be able to stop poking with the words to mark your territory. Moderate this Sunday, August 6th. Your entourage dominates this day. Needless to impose yourself at all costs, let yourself bear, it is not a sign of weakness.

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