Virgo Today Horoscope 19 April 2017

You have something in your hands that does not belong to you, it is likely that the person who owns what you keep inside your property will come to claim today, do not make a problem for it and deliver what you owe.

Do not let strangers intrude on your personal affairs, it is time to let go of your inner self and begin to make positive changes for your path.

Do not let others tell you all the time what you have to do, you have to make your own decisions in every field, even in love.

This Tuesday, the shared influence of Mercury, your regent, with the lunar traffic turns the day into a very active social space that you should take advantage of to eliminate from your life everything that is preventing you from pursuing your affairs. It is possible that due to the interference of entangled or uncooperative people you have been involved in embarrassing situations. At this stage you will overcome those obstacles and you will get ahead in everything, Virgo.

Virgo Today Horoscope Predictions 19 April 2017

This Tuesday the Moon is in Capricorn, but already moving to Aquarius. The planets Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde, the others are direct. You feel enveloped in a very attractive wave which is wonderful, whether you have a relationship or whether you are single or single. Your presence expresses the best qualities of your personality.

Follow your health plans, Virgo, because you may feel uncomfortable for situations beyond your control that may have caused a relapse into some health plan you were carrying out.

The natural disposition of your sign and your attitude towards work are being appreciated by everyone, particularly those who have to do with your promotion or promotions. This is a very rewarding time for you in every way.

Money and Luck
A decision taken at the last minute will put you on the road to money, it can even arise in a hunch, foreboding or intuition that tells you where to go at a certain time.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to do something nice for someone else today, they will probably ask for help on the street or see that someone is in trouble, try to help you as you can.
Virgo Today’s lucky numbers: 14, 18, 27, 28, 34, 47

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