Virgo Today Horoscope 21 April 2017, learn how to cook and do things at home

Virgo Today Horoscope 21 April 2017, It is not a good time for love if you are without a partner, you are probably a time like this, do not despair, the right person will arrive when you least expect it, there is the secret.

You have the chance to meet someone who can give you a great job opportunity today, you probably have to do an interview for that person and pass a test, but you will do very well and finally everything will turn out very well.

It is not the time to invest large sums of money into something you do not really need, it is better to wait for things to improve in the home economy to take the option of this.

You need to learn how to cook and do things at home, you are spending too much for things you can do, you just have to give yourself time and take options, order your times, you can not always have time to party or spend with your friends, is Important to save money on this matter.

With a refreshing and casual attitude you will dispel doubts about your fidelity and constancy, you will attract happiness and you will maintain the harmony in everything that you do. This weekend you will be very active with different issues that will keep you busy longer than usual.

Organize yourself well and do not let yourself be suggested by negative people who come to you to take away the enthusiasm and desires to overcome. Cheer up, there are several situations that demand your immediate action, just be careful because now Mercury is retrograde.

Virgo Today Horoscope 21 April 2017 Love, Health, Money and Luck

The Moon is passing through Aquarius and the planet Mercury, which is your ruler, enters retrograde in Aries. In addition, the planets Jupiter and Saturn continue retrograde. What does not suit you now that you are initiating a new stage in your love life is a meaningless discussion. You have in front of you a formidable sentimental horizon, do not defeat it. Sometimes you have spoiled something beautiful to get ahead of events.

If you plan to enter a hospital these days do not rush, and before putting yourself under the surgeon’s blade conscientiously review your credentials and do not let yourself be influenced by negativity.

It separates the personal feelings of your productive activity. Do not combine your work with your personal life because on this day, with the lunar influence you tend to take your work to your family matters and this could cause you future setbacks.

Money and Luck
Everything unpredictable is possible in this cycle in which a sign of your element, earth, is prevailing. You will receive a pleasant surprise in the form of an expensive gift that you least expect. It could even be an engagement ring or an object of gold or silver that will represent an increase of your personal fortune.

Virgo 21 April 2017 Lucky numbers for today: 3, 5, 7, 8, 11, 49.

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