Virgo Today Horoscope Monday 1st May 2017

Virgo Today Horoscope Predictions Monday 1st May 2017

The money will give you much more from this cycle because you are receiving highly positive astral influences as you approach the direct movement of Mercury, your regent, which will take place the first week of May. This is the time to follow the inspirations and hunchings and try luck in chance. Expect a prize.

If there were discussions with your partner on issues of little importance today you are entering the happy stage of reconciliation. Overcome those circumstances and focus your attention on the things you share. Do not let yourself be enveloped by those who are not really your friends.

Today it will be easy for you to stand in front of the world. Do not hesitate to get aggressive with someone if it is the only form of communication possible. Just make sure you are basing your attention on facts that you know are true. The reality of the situation may be a little clouded, so keep in mind proceed with caution. There is an electric energy in the air that will help to enliven your fire.

They will give you a familiar news that will make you smile, but soon thanks to that news you will have to make a drastic change in your life that will help you mature. You will not be the same as before, Virgo.

Enjoy these days with family, they will be the maximum and you simply deserve all the happiness of the world, do not hesitate. In love, soon you will start a new relationship, you will smile again and you will feel more loved and excited than ever.

If you have a partner, the matter will become a bit complicated because someone who has always interested you will notice you and one way or another will let you know. Think well what you do, Virgo, leaving a stable partner is never easy, nor comfortable and should only be done if you are 100% sure.

Look well that it is not a passing fancy what that person feels, you are not to play with you, much less risk a relationship, clarify things inside and you know what suits you.

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