Virgo Today Horoscope Thursday 25th May 2017

Virgo Today Horoscope Predictions Thursday 25th May 2017

With planetary energy today, it will be a day of strong emotions. But it is no reason to run away and hide! People will be willing to be much more honest than usual, even hurtfully, and as a result you could learn valuable information. Do not be alarmed if someone removes the dirty rags. Thanks to your good judgment, you will be able to discern which information is good and which is not.

Your zodiacal day – very interesting in your astrological landscape because the Moon moves to a sign of the earth element, related to yours, and with your ruler, Mercury, direct. In this astral stage you can achieve everything you set yourself if you properly channel your energy and do not waste time on superfluous issues. You will hear from someone you have not seen for some time and at this stage you receive signs of love and friendship that comfort and make you feel very good. Cultivate your privacy, for much work or responsibilities you have, separates time for your partner and those you love.

The horoscope of the day of the Virgo Thursday May 25, 2017


Pluto predicts many disruptions to which you will not have to pay attention to the risk of investing yourself in traps.


Influenced by Pluto, more than any other star, today, you will find it difficult to maintain optimal communication during your emotional interactions. Very sensitive, sensitive you will certainly say, you will not work for consensus in case of disagreements. Mercury, however, will limit the case by its logical countermeasures.

  • In a relationship with
    You will have many things to express to your spouse today, but will be quite devoid of manners in this expression. Pluto is certainly not a star you can easily see, but you will have no desire to make any effort to dominate you. Mercury will not spare you the awareness, however.
  • Alone
    You will be well-styled in making the head to a person you are trying, these days, to seduce, if it does not send enough positive signals to your taste. Yes, you will be impressed with a very strong subjectivity in this interpretation that Neptune’s bad faith, let us not forget the latter, will make you consider for the truth!
    To revive the flame
  • Your naughty board
    Take stock of your desires and preferences and talk about it. Knowing how to give is as important as knowing how to receive.
  • Your sensual cocktail
    Make the recipe “Cinzano Limetto” directly in the glass. Pour the ingredients directly onto ice cubes, and top with the soda.

Pluto will make things happen all around you at work today. Replacements at the foot-raising, worries of organization or breakdowns or other structural concerns, this is a small sample of what will have to wait.

  • finances
    A wallet that is not on the diet, accounts that are properly powered and do not suffer from management concerns, yet you have to crush the black? Pluto and Neptune will agree to put you under pressure for nothing!

Think to manifest your dissatisfaction is a very unattractive option to send messages to your most loyal friends!

Batteries flat? It will certainly seem that your loved ones have joined together to harass you of inept and stressful demands.


Mercury will not lose the north today, hearing it repeatedly that you do not relax enough when possible.
To take care of you

your beauty

Vitamins are essential, do not forget them. Your skin needs it.

Your outfit
The two-tone stockings will give your legs a festive air, to try!

Your perfume
The sweet spring scent of the lily of the valley exudes delicate floral notes.

Your color
Lively and cheerful, dare the tomato on your lips, for a pulpy smile.

Your stone
For introverts, gain extraversion with smithsonite.

Your sport
Aquagym is very trendy at the moment. Ideal sport that guarantees a firming of the muscles, a peaceful sleep after the sensation of massage provided by the water.

your hobbies
Get out in a jazzy box.
Decoration ideas

your house
New in the decoration: the masking tape. An adhesive tape that can be cut without a pair of scissors and sticks to your imagination.

Your garden
Plant your hyacinths, do not hesitate to group the bulbs to obtain a nice effect.

Do not be impatient, Virgo, even if it seems that that person has moved away from your life soon will return and things will then be better than before.

Do not worry about some imprecise discomfort as it does not necessarily have to be bad. If you relax and analyze where the discomfort comes from, you may discover a real cause, nothing serious or complicated. Do not be impressed by hypochondriac people.

You should not extend the workshop, business or office to your personal life because you end up exhausting and boring those who live with you. Try to leave everything in its place and when you are at home enjoy your time and solace.

Follow your intuitions because where you least think there is a lucky stroke of luck either in a contest, a competition, a raffle or similar competitive activity.

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