Virgo Today Horoscope Thursday 4th May 2017

Virgo Today Horoscope and Psychic Predictions Thursday 4th May 2017

In order to fly, we often need to see how others fly, if you close yourself to observe the steps that have led one or more people around you to succeed, then you will never learn how to spread your wings and start flying by yourself .

In this stage, with the combination of the Moon in the element fire and your regent, Mercury, you are in a cycle of harmony, but also warning: watch your relationship, spend more time, show your love! If you have a money saved and you think investing it in the purchase of a house, land, car or computer, you must make a rigorous selection and not opt ​​for the first thing that is presented as there are better offers on your horizon. Your word is effective and takes effect, you will get what you are looking for. You are in a stage where the opportunities rain, but you must know how to take advantage of them so you do not escape as you have other times.

If you are starting to see your partner as someone you do not know, look for ways to reach that person, you might be surprised at the causes of their estrangement. If you are in the study stage, what has already been said makes much more sense .

Today you may find yourself in a space where you can “show off” a little bit. You always had that born actor lurking inside. Many people of your sign are successful actors and comedians. Maybe you have some jokes to tell or interesting anecdotes to entertain your friends. Do not be afraid to be the center of attention, let the reflectors illuminate you. Your audience will have a lot of fun!

It is time to put things clear in your work and speak with confidence about a raise, you have done a good job and you deserve it, if you receive a negative response to your request, consider changing jobs, you have more possibilities to negotiate a better pay.

The Moon is in transit through Leo. The only retrograde planets are Jupiter, Saturn and the dwarf planet Pluto, and Mercury is direct. Do not go to think that they have stopped loving you because today they have not communicated with you, remember that now with the lunar transit you are very sensitive and any unusual situation troubles you.

Due to certain astral fluctuations you could feel differently in the morning and in the afternoon. The main thing is that you maintain your standard of living and daily routines without neglecting one thing or the other, that way your health will not be affected.

Although they do not recognize you at present, your attitude towards work is not going unnoticed and you will soon receive promising news. This stage will be of work consolidation and above all of a greater experience in different fields of your professional activity, you will see.

As you go into the new business you are about to start you will find more and more opportunities to acquire money and resources. Prosperity envelops you, do not be impatient, you will have in your hands what you need, if you know how to wait, Virgo.

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