Virgo Today Horoscope Tuesday 9th May 2017

Virgo Today Horoscope Predictions Tuesday 9th May 2017

Secure your future earnings by reducing expenses and protecting what you have earned. It is not a good time for investments or changes, a little calm will bring more benefits than risk. Seek emotional support in the affections. You should not allow your shadow to negatively interfere with your path to success and happiness. Watch your words and do not hurt anyone because of their overcast dawn. Today is a day to travel together with feet of lead. Work on your manners and attitude, and you will overcome the initial bad mood. You can transmute the negative energies always, have a good breakfast, do not abuse alcohol, eat healthy and smile when walking. Some Virgos will end their loneliness forever, as during this month a long-awaited love will appear.

A fervent desire that you had during these last days is about to materialize and with the current planetary transit that is happening right now in your sign Virgo you will have the opportunity to discover many things that will be very useful, both in your work and In your business. In love, a person you met recently, begins to become someone important in your life with whom you do not stop dreaming or thinking. Do not neglect that relationship, it’s worth it especially now that your regent, Mercury, is direct.

This Tuesday the Moon is in transit by the sign of Libra moving to Scorpio. The planets Jupiter, Saturn and the planetoid Pluto are retrograde. You’re going to notice some people that are too sensitive today, and something you say in a direct and casual way could cause a storm in those extremely susceptible people. If it’s someone you love worse yet! If it does, rectify it in time.

Take care of the love in your life, do not stop caring for the person who is by your side.

Women who want to start a family have a great opportunity, as it is a good time to do so.

Good business opportunities for those who are striving for financial independence.

You have a hidden love that needs to come to light, you will not get anything with that person if you continue to consider it impossible, begins to dare to say what you feel without fear.

You are not likely to get that raise you are looking for in the job you currently have, you probably have to look elsewhere, do not stop doing this because you could end up getting something very good for the future, you have to give yourself the time To look well for what you want, you are about to achieve it.

Today you feel a depletion level higher than other times and this may be due to the energy imbalance caused by an unfortunate combination: excess of worries and poor diet. Harmonize your life as you know, Virgo.

You may feel emotionally divided between your professional and personal life, you may be too busy with certain projects at work that will keep you away from your personal concerns. It’s time to put your things in order and prioritize the truly important ones.

You will feel better and you will be able to overcome your economic crises if you begin to take concrete measures to limit your expenses, reduce your additional budget and make those small savings that added at the end of the month represent a lot.
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