Virgo Weekly Horoscope 10th to 16th August 2020

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 10th to 16th August 2020

On Monday, the 10th, you will earn the trust of friends and relatives according to the values and behave with them. You will need to support and help a friend in distress. On Tuesday, it will depend on your mood, since if it is high you can get what you want. Freedom and innovation are playing a very important role in your new ways of being able to have extra profits.

On Tuesday 11, Your vitality and energy will be quick and useful and will help you with everything important that you have to solve today. To do this, make special use of your intuition. On Thursday you will learn that it is better to use empathy in your relationships with others so that everything is optimal. Your best secret is to radiate peace and tranquility so that your love reaches everyone.virgo weekly horoscope 10th to 16th august 2020

On Friday you must harmonize the time you dedicate to the family and the time that the profession occupies, to be able to go hand in hand and use justice in both. You will notice that everything you do now has the mark of adventure and originality. Weekend; Saturday is a day to use all your friendship and protection towards others, and on Sunday you can organize a wonderful romantic evening with your partner.

A strong gust of wind opens wide the doors of your daily life. In principle, you are well prepared: tied to your business and your people. These new openings can prove to be very profitable if you exploit them positively rather than viewing them with suspicion, criticizing them, or dismissing them out of hand.

The sky promises you tender moments and protects you from bad weather. All of your attention is on your partner. You seem willing to make concessions and you don’t want to upset your other half in any way. Past trials bear fruit in your emotional communication. You move towards changes that you try to convey to the other.

You help to lighten the cloud mass that accumulates above your head and to maintain a favorable climate for the free expression of your multiple skills! Heaven guarantees you will listen favorably to your social partners. Don’t get overwhelmed and save some time for yourself! You are looking for something new, strong emotions.

You can gain a lot by discovering other points of view or new methods. The friendly and constructive atmosphere that accompanies these transits will act more particularly on the intelligence of your investments but also on the sensual quality of your romantic relationships.

Money and Luck
Currently, you prefer to deprive yourself of leisure rather than touching your savings, if your decisions are up to you, you discuss them with your loved ones by asking their opinion on the situation. It would seem that when it comes to money, those around you do not agree with you. So you think twice, you try to take advantage of the situation.

The sky supports your form and galvanizes you. You evolve under a rather clear sky and conducive to dazzling achievements and boiling loves. Do not be afraid to fully taste the delights on offer, but all the assets on your side to enjoy your good fortune without mortgaging your reserves which you will need to face the various and varied demands.

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