Virgo Weekly Horoscope 13th to 19th February 2017

Virgo Weekly Horoscope From 13th to 19th February 2017

Work: Plan an exit to the field, even the Zoo, you need to rest enjoy the green with your family or friends, relax to start a work week, learning to balance will lead to monetary success. Today is not a good day to work or undertake new projects, and Sol creates great power in you, will dazzle others and many will envy.

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Try to dominate your satisfaction before the envy of others and do not transfer this poor message to the Universe, on a sunny day to learn to produce power that at another moment will lead to business and productivity, and to cope with cloudy days.

Love: Enjoy every moment of sensuality without discussing with your partner, or thinking about future steps to take. Relax in the other and communicate love to the Universe. Those who truly fall in love today will suffer when the break comes. With Scorpio perfect match, with Gemini be clear and without turns, Cancer will be homey and loving, fun with Aquarius and retrospective review with Capricorn to rethink the relationship. Love is always expressed in the service of others. To love is to give: think about it, and analyze the events of the week to find the signals you need.

Health: The Moon and its light bring new winds of change, go to the Moon to make a decision that can change your life and restore your mental health. Peace is achieved with power, physical, emotional and mental power to carry out all your achievements and desires, this will bring peace to your life, which as you see begins with physical health, do not ignore the calls of your body to recompose. Each day that passes, it becomes more precise that you learn to love yourself as it is … Resting will do you good and will be fundamental for optimum performance.