Virgo Weekly Horoscope 13th November to 19th November 2017

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 13th November to 19th November 2017

The Bisounours world you stewed in could not last forever. Mercury is likely to be experienced as a personal offense to your sensitivity. You will be willy-nilly confronted with the surging dynamism of the world around you and if you do not take a step back, you may have a hard time living it.

No more voluptuous atmospheres in the exchanges, it is the will to act that will prevail. Finished, conversations by the fireside, it may be for everyone now, soaring intuitive meetings where there is no need to speak to be understood, it will be necessary to express yourself clearly and quickly.virgo weekly horoscope 13th to 19th november 2017

Virgo Love
You will be at ease in improvised situations that give rise to emotional encounters. More sure of you, you will have no difficulty in deeply understanding those who will cross your path and answer the calls of those who will try to know you. You will not go through four ways to ask direct questions, important for you. It will be necessary to give you also the understanding that you wish to receive from your partner to avoid conflicts.

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Virgo Work
Your approach to your employees, your superiors will install a climate of confidence that allows you to play your trumps with peace of mind: you will put a special point of honor to make a job well done. You will find new ways to exploit your abilities, through unusual paths. On the other hand, you will have a hard time beating speed records in your output, amount of work.

Virgo Money
Your financial situation enjoys a current of protective luck this week. You benefit from planetary influxes that are more willing to make an honest assessment of your relationship to money and objectively. Your sense of material values is enriched by your analyzes. Their relevance will help you understand what drives you to some unnecessary expense. And when you know your enemy, you weaken him!

Virgo Health
You will move slowly but surely towards a well-being of greater and greater, generator of energies at all levels. You will have more facilities not to be too reckless, not to plunge into damaging abuses. Everything about the earth, water, and volcano therapies is more beneficial than usual. This is the time, for example, to offer you a spa treatment.