Virgo Weekly Horoscope 13th to 19th December 2021

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 13th to 19th December 2021

Right now you feel more than ready to adopt a new philosophy of life. Perhaps in recent times you have had a too negative view of life and have focused more on problems than on solutions. If you are starting a love story, try not to reproduce the same mistakes you have made before.

Don’t waste big, beautiful promises with negative and outdated attitudes. Also, this week will be under the sign of affective emotions and love for Virgos. You have a more artichoke heart than usual. Let go of that healthy sentimental energy, without falling into the cliché that everyone is good.virgo weekly horoscope 13th to 19th december 2021

Nor do Virgos escape the explosive environment that surrounds some signs this week, although they will only be affected in the sentimental field. In any case, it will be an intense week in which misunderstandings, fights, and disagreements with the loved one can arise.

Spend these days as you can, trying not to add fuel to the fire, because in a very short time the harmony will be restored. Everything has been the result of the influence of the stars, but try not to have to regret something you have said or done. In some couples, on the other hand, this temporary crisis can uncover something deeper.

If you think that your boy does not give you enough support, or you have difficulties communicating with him or you think that he does not fulfill you, you better put an end to the relationship, because you are not going to change him. On the other hand, in social and family life it will be a harmonious week, with happy reunions and great moments that will compensate you a lot for what you may spend in other areas.

It’s a little frustrating time for you, your ideas seem out of reach. You tend to be stubborn in your actions and your exchanges and to arouse opposition. You have a lot of energy and you risk asserting yourself in an excessively aggressive and eccentric manner.

The situation is a bit hazy and seems painful to you, but your desire for the absolute prompts you to see if the grass is greener elsewhere, including in the sentimental field. Do not forget that your partner may have this same thirst for the exotic, together with finding the path that leads there. Seduction allows you to achieve your goals, provided you do not impose yourself at any cost.

Heaven seems to take great pleasure in annoying you and delaying your advancement. Above all, do not give up because, after this destabilizing parenthesis, you will end up triumphing over adversity and promoting the projects that you finally impose at the right time. Stay calm, don’t worry about rumors, and wait for the right moment.

You won’t get anything that way so watch your mood swings if you don’t want to taint your relationships and play sports to burn off your extra energy. At home, try to control your impulsive reactions, spend your energy under the covers rather than in quarrels.

Money and Luck
Your financial situation is changing this week of December, you are done with the difficulties and the delays, even if it is not yet the great financial comfort, you can start to make plans on the comet. If you left any plans behind, you’ll start to think about them again. While being careful not to go over budget, you might be planning a trip.

If you want to make your dreams come true, consider times that are sometimes inspiring, sometimes hopeless. You are therefore forced to make alienating concessions when you only aspire to win the Grail. To achieve this feat, compose with a half-tone sky that demands your goodwill, but also endows you with a fierce determination to finish the race in the lead.

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Virgo (born between August 23 and September 22): On Monday 13th, you need to precisely balance your actions and challenges in family matters and also in some related to home. That is why you will have to pay attention to all this very calmly and calmly because that way you will feel that you have greater security and confidence in what you do. And so everything will be much more effective and dynamic.

On Tuesday 14th, you will feel in a new, more open, and sincere time. You will notice that others feel comfortable with you. And that you can help solve many issues both yours and others. And it is what gives you the most satisfaction. So take advantage and enjoy your special day. Your intuition will be very marked in everything you do.

On Wednesday 15th, you can use your wide range of possibilities. You will feel that your intelligence is very sharp and that, in addition, your antennas are very awake to receive sensations from all your senses, in a special way. You will be able to feel more free and independent to be able to carry out some actions that long ago would have cost you much more.

On Thursday 16th, you will notice that your intellectual quality, both spoken and written, will help you a lot in everything you do. In addition, you will be fortunate to be in a moment in which others will see you differently, because your aura shines, in an incredible way. And that goodness will help you wonderfully channel energy and goodness.

On Friday the 17th, you will notice that you will have a great outpouring of creative energy around you. And that with it you can perform many actions and that, in addition, “you will hit the nail on the head” in most of them. Flow with your thought, so that it is effective and you can carry out everything calmly and enjoyably. So the day will be very harmonious and calm.

On Saturday the 18th, you will feel freer to do whatever you want. That will help you to free yourself of a great burden that you carried from a long time ago. And now you can fly with a new and also very powerful energy. What will catch the attention of others? You will be able to take care of many matters because you will be very vital and with great mental agility.

And on Sunday the 19th, you will feel that everything is much more fluid and relaxed than on other occasions. What will give you a great breadth of vision, for your new projects? You will want to change of scene, and to feel more integrated into other more pleasant activities that you have always liked. Enjoy it all.

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