Virgo Weekly Horoscope 16th July to 22nd July 2018

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 16th July to 22nd July 2018

You have good relations with your superiors, you can climb the ladder, establish your reputation or change direction. Thanks to your experience, your sense of responsibility and your merits, you achieve an ambition or goal. The period is also favorable with regard to the home and the real estate sector.

With Saturn in trine, you are efficient and insightful to evolve positively, you take your responsibilities and you succeed thanks to your personal merits, an important decision will have to be taken in the orientation of your destiny. It’s a good time to build your reputation and/or secure yourself in a place.virgo weekly horoscope 16 july to 22 july 2018

Going to the basics will be the right keystone, you will not let down by mere appearances in those you love. The impulses of Venus expose you to thunderbolts, desires that suddenly reverse everything in their path, including reason. Fear of rejection, contempt can hold back your expression, you will miss completely diplomacy at times, attention. The importance of love becomes unavoidable, and it will be such a blatant statement that you will instinctively mobilize to improve things.

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You will have the energy to start new functions, to see your projects sprout. Your support within your team will be appreciated, recognition is in sight. If you have a profession related to research, you will have the chance with you. Efforts will cost you less than these last two weeks. Opportunities of elevation are present, your experience will be the essential keystone to access these changes.

Money and Luck
Your material life will be excellent this week of July 16th, but nothing significant in perspective, on the side of external circumstances. On the other hand, you will be deserving of the use of your money, which will make you make good decisions for the coming months. The influx of Jupiter rightly encourages you to save for loved ones, which can free you from a worry. Be careful, find out in depth at the legal level before signing.

This week is highly positive at the fitness level. Indeed, you are going to free yourself from the influences of Uranus, which undermined your mental energy and channeled it too easily in dark or too abrupt ideas. Which, moreover, did not resemble your fundamental nature! The stars shelter you from the big fits of fatigue, you are protected. Keep an eye on your liver and avoid fats and positively compensate for your potential weaknesses this week.