Virgo Weekly Horoscope 16th October to 22nd October 2017

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 16th October to 22nd October 2017

Jupiter in a friendly sign promises a flourishing of your relationships. You should live a week of good neighborhood relationships, enjoyable surroundings and easy exchanges with your loved ones. Your relationships help you to step up in the evolution of your projects, even your dreams. You have the art of simplifying your life.

Your talents, brought to light bring you much satisfaction and popularity. It is a great opportunity to embark on any challenge, in a friendly and energizing atmosphere. You find interesting facilities but letting yourself go to laziness would make you lose important chances.virgo weekly horoscope 16th to 22nd october 2017

Many of you are going to start a long-term relationship after a thunderbolt, luck will pass, anyway. It will be up to you to seize it by listening to your heart and only him … You will always be in time to think then! Too much logic can hurt your bonding, this week, when new pleasures will stretch your arms. Your initiatives are more successful than usual, it’s time to express your feelings.

You will have the feeling of being indispensable, your support is requested very often this week. The collective work is favored, the concessions that you will be led to make will bring you luck. Absolutely maintain your energy over time, keep moments of loneliness to maintain a good level of performance, for your personal satisfaction above all else. The influx of Venus makes things easier if you were in a competitive situation.

You will feel more financial ease, especially on weekends. And at the same time, more people around you who will not hesitate to call on you. Do not give in to the thoughtless impulses, Wednesday and Thursday. Family and business will be the best sources of cash this week. Tidying up your administrative situation will give you financial gain.

Jupiter will destabilize your energies this week of October 16. You will thus be more tempted by intense and sustained efforts, but in return, you will follow a regular course, in your psychic life. This week does not promote your muscle tone, but much more your mental energy. You will have the facilities to overcome complex intellectual work.

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