Virgo Weekly Horoscope 16th to 22nd November 2020

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 16th to 22nd November 2020

Virgo (born between August 23 and September 22): On The 16th, Monday, your sensitivity and a job well done will give you peace of mind. You will make your actions fertile and easy. You can simply solve everything.

On Tuesday the 17th, reason, and plan well everything that you are going to organize because sometimes there are little things left unresolved and that annoys operations a lot. You can finish everything calmly and without surprises if you follow the advice. On Wednesday 18 you will have to make a table with your expenses and your accounts to keep at bay, which may be altering the way you carry them. And the main thing will be that for these upcoming holidays, you can save something and not waste it.virgo weekly horoscope 16th to 22nd november 2020

On Thursday the 19th you will be able to bring out your talents and your perceptions, which make your work much easier at crossroads since they give you the answer to what you should do at all times. On Friday 20, you will have a lot of activity in housework. You can order everything to your liking and this will help you in everything you do later; since it will give you more space and freer thoughts. What you don’t need you can give away.

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On Saturday 21, you will have new points of view and ideas, which you can put into practice and that benefit more people. It is good that you project it with time and efficiency. And Sunday is a special day to be able to rest and to dream about everything you want to do and are asleep in a drawer. Take out the wings and fly where you want.

It is very good that you want to relax and distract yourself, but do not overdo it. If today Monday you plan to go out at night with your friends, think that you will drag sleep and fatigue all week. It is not convenient for you to lead this way of life, not even in the economic sphere. Save it for a few days later. In the workplace, do not get carried away by what others think. You have your own criteria and it will be much better for you if you follow it. Learn to say no when circumstances require it. On a sentimental level, if you’ve been dating someone for a short time and you still don’t know them too well, give them a vote of confidence. Do not force him to tell you the story of his life, he will do it later. But also that it is you, you have not told him many things about yours either.

Virgo Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Make sure this week you have received your daily dose of laughter, which is to say, the minimum necessary to break out of your shell. It is the perfect time for you to say goodbye to all your old inhibitions and to open up to the outside world. Your emotions may not keep up with this surge of enthusiasm, but you can easily overcome this difficulty by holding your head high. You have no reason to hurt yourself. They will also be the perfect days to enjoy relationships with others, especially with neighbors, daily contacts, siblings, and relatives. Your advice will be sought and widely appreciated. Now is the time to reconnect with old working relationships.

Your daily life is tinged with poetry and sweetness. The opportunity to maintain harmonious exchanges with your loved ones and to be positively noticed for your balance and your benevolence towards others. This relaxed atmosphere should push you to innovate, to let your subconscious speak to extract magnificent ideas, and to realize them in good conditions.

You are finally reaping the rewards of your past efforts! Everything you planted with love comes back to you a hundredfold today, your smile displayed on your face says a lot about your well-being! It doesn’t matter whether you are very active professionally or have a passion for sport, this week you manage everything with a master hand, your love will have the place it deserves, the first!

This week of November 16 promises to be kind to you and your projects which will finally be recognized as of prime importance. You have the leisure to express yourself and to demonstrate your skills. Imaginative and daring, you ask no more to rush towards what excites you: the future and the many possibilities it offers, a better world!

Sustained intellectual exchanges comfort you in most of your opinions, but you are just as capable of changing your mind when necessary. You come across multiple opportunities to move, talk, or argue in all spontaneity.

Money and Luck
What leaves you skeptical about the future of your finances is that you are not really saving money. You prefer to have the money you earn rather than thinking about building a woolen stocking, only there you are, currently, you are a little rick rack, so before crossing the red line, and in order not to have any bad surprises, you should dive into your accounts.

Your vitality is at the top, you are eager to prove yourself and win the day. Appreciated and supported, you advance without uncertainty to the top and deploy your imagination and your ardor to reach it in a good position. However, consider saving your reserves and respecting your potential rivals to stabilize your excellent results.