Virgo Weekly Horoscope 19th to 25th October 2020

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 19th to 25th October 2020

Virgo (born between August 23 and September 22): On Monday 19, it seems that it will cost you everything a little more; So take advantage of the most vital moments to do what takes more effort and attention. On Tuesday 20, you will notice a lot of enthusiasm, but you must act with confidence in your actions. The strength lies within you and in your intuition.

On Wednesday 21, you can organize your plans with great skill. Plasticity, intelligence, and sensitivity will help you a lot in all this. Thursday 22, is a time to combine practicality and enthusiasm to solve pending issues and that everything is beneficial in your creations. On Friday the 23rd, it is time to use your passion and your dedication to the people who need it. And you can also help a lot with your love and generosity to those close to you. All of this will make you feel great satisfaction.libra weekly horoscope 19th to 25th october 2020

On Saturday the 24th, your dreams, and goals will depend a lot on your kindness and optimism. Enthusiasm and sensitivity will be very important since they need the union to become a fusion of joy and affection. And Sunday is an ideal day to plan your strategies and goals for next week.

Virgo Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

The moon loses light in its sign this week while Mercury, ruler of Virgo, continues to transit Scorpio and they are seeing nooks and crannies of their own psyche that they had previously overlooked (for too much thinking). They feel everything a little deeper and perhaps this sensitivity can bring anger. The third eye is more activated and the archetype of the Inner Priestess can be awakened and accentuated. Studies and meetings, seminars, talks, or meditations where this profound energy can be shared are well-favored.

This week you receive the good news that will notably improve your mood, giving you confidence for a better future, especially at work. You can also meet people or activate links that will be very beneficial and bring great satisfaction. You personally go through a moment of calm. Try to maintain it and not let anything alter your harmony. If you are single this week you could meet someone new who will be different or unusual.

This week you could meet someone new who will be different or unusual. Any connection you make will make you feel good and could benefit you in the future. If you stay true to yourself and your ideas, you will feel in the best frame of mind. Don’t just listen to others. Your ability to be everywhere at once is enviable. You are characterized by having a great force of action and you will be able to meet the expectations of many people. Don’t be too surprised if you feel euphoric. The slightest good news will put you in a very good mood. You may even feel overwhelmed by immense confidence in the future and you will really want to share it with others. The truth is that you have many reasons to believe that tomorrow will bring you great satisfaction.

Your major asset lies in your creativity. The nerve pays off and you express yourself more easily, with ease. It will be difficult to make you mistake bladders for lanterns! Uranus commits you to the path of independence, your new self-confidence will be a serious asset in your daily life: you now clearly know what you want.

If you are a heart to take, Cupid could shoot you one of his arrows which he has the secret, mortally in love! If you are already engaged, your married life promises to be fulfilled, full of promises for the future, filled with projects that could take a more concrete turn! And yes, love smiles at you with its teeth of happiness, do not sulk your pleasure, your desire, live intensely as your heart longs for!

You pick up the hair of the beast and come back into the light. Heaven accompanies you faithfully and serves your interests by granting you from the start a breathtaking charisma. It gives you the poise and the subtlety of great negotiators. You masterfully carry your destiny towards accomplishments beyond all hope.

You want to assert yourself, in total harmony with your personality, it shows! This is the best asset of luck, but the experience of others is also an asset to your creativity. You have the opportunity to be creative, to prove your worth, and to see your ideas develop through your discussions. A very beneficial program!

Money and Luck
Play the lottery? Why not, as long as you don’t flare-up. Because you feel that luck is present, leaning on your shoulder. Or maybe clinging to your footsteps? In any case, fate makes your life a lot easier on the financial side. The good news is coming: you can count on being more fluent without putting in too much effort.

This week of October 19 concerning your physical form there are ups and downs, one day everything is fine, the next day, pain is inviting you and you ruminate. What keeps you going is your morale and your willpower. If you feel the need to really relax in-depth, think about the benefits of massages, just find the one that best meets your expectations.

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