Virgo Weekly Horoscope 1st May to 7th May 2017

Virgo Weekly Horoscope Predictions 1st May to 7th May 2017

A very intense week on the emotional level begins for Virgo. You have been in a relationship for some time and you have no doubt, he or she is the person with whom you want to build a family and a future. However, you dare not ask your partner or partner what it feels for you because you are afraid to hear an answer that hurts you. However, during the next few days your partner will surprise you with an unexpected proposal that will make you immensely happy and clear all your doubts.

In the economic and financial field, the people of this sign will live a week in which they will suffer some disappointments. You are very loyal in your productive activity, there are people with whom you have commercial relations for years and you have always behaved in a correct way with them. However, over the next few days you will discover that there are people with whom you can not continue to do business because you put your financial security at risk.

In the labor field the natives of this sign will live a week of many transformations. The company you work for has been sold and now has new owners, they will want to give a new approach to the company and you should take this opportunity. You are the one who has the most experience of this area and therefore the possibility that you will be unrepeatable. It’s your time to shine, do not waste it.

In the social sphere, the people of this sign will live a complicated week. You will not start the week in a good mood and your mood will become more unstable during the weekend. Avoid attending family parties or gatherings because fights will be almost inevitable.

Virgo, have you thought who knows what you’re missing if at another time in your life you would have decided to take another path?

Well, I hope you’re not doing it, that you’re not wasting time on issues like that, because it would be a very silly way of losing your time and your stability. Life has no reverse Virgo, things are as they are, however much you think and imagine, you made a decision long ago and there is no solution. Perhaps you may be wrong when choosing, or maybe not, but however it is already done and there is no other to take with what you did.

Instead of thinking these things, spend your time studying all the options you have to straighten the course and find solutions to all the problems that are emerging in your life, take more time and fix all the issues that have you uneasy in these Moments.

In Virgo love, everything is eternal, while it lasts. Do not forget that in the things of love nothing is written and nothing is forever. For a couple to last you have to fight day by day, you have to pamper and take care of your partner forever, it is not worth thinking that because the relationship has started to go and everything is done. Look for the next weekend for a while to be both alone and surprise her, you know she deserves your full attention.

If you are looking for a match your friends will try to make celestinos this weekend, you will not get much clear, but have fun and at least live the experience, you have nothing to lose.

In labor matters your tasks become more monotonous and boring, but there is no other friend Virgo, the thing is not at this time to consider leaving one job and it will not be easy at the moment to find another.
The Virgo natives will spend much of their time reflecting primarily on their affective life. Communication with your partner will be very facilitated and the possibility of establishing important talks that enrich the relationship.

You will have great opportunities to make a profit from the business activities of your partners or spouses. The seduction and sexuality of the natives will be at its best. You will enjoy intense love relationships that will lead you to a state of deep joy and harmony.

In the bonds not yet consolidated there will be unexpected changes that will create a strong sense of confusion in the manifestation of their personality. Until the 16th they will tend to solve questions related to other people’s properties, from which they will obtain significant gains by the brilliant efforts that they make. Pay close attention to the care of your health, to avoid that certain annoyances, whose treatment they come post-tergando, end up turning into chronic ailments.

Control your character at social gatherings and with close friends, the mood is considerably warm. There will be a strong tendency to argue for reasons that will be of little importance. Beware of the sarcasms that are used to pronounce.

Your friends will be in a particularly sensitive mood. More than one native will be strongly attracted to an old friendship. Act tactfully and with great caution, it can be a passing attraction.

Thanks to the location of Jupiter, you will see how your economic situation will improve considerably. Those who were dragging debts or difficulties in this plane, will count on the aid of their beneficial and harmonious influence, that will favor them in all type of investments that realize. Do not neglect the state in which your legal situation is. Make sure you have all the papers up to date and in perfect order; of not doing so could have serious complications very difficult to overcome in this week.

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