Virgo Weekly Horoscope 20th to 26th June 2022

You are determined to move faster, further or higher. Uranus in Trine makes it easier for you by showing you crudely but realistically some of your flaws. These challenges make you bold and you will need to push yourself. It is a real beneficial awareness that will allow you to counter the objections or obstacles that you will come across on your way.

By focusing too much on your desires, you forget to take the time to reflect before expressing yourself. It’s time to let your heart speak, without denying your ambitions. Planetary influences can make you egocentric, it’s time to take into account the sensitivity of those around you and seek to understand them.


Your work situation continues to be excellent, Virgo. You have everything to gain and now you can achieve what you had proposed. But do not trust those who want to give you a lot of advice or give an opinion about what you have to do or not do.

You have very good judgment and you know it, so accept what they tell you, but you do your thing. Your inner voice will guide you on the right path. A friend or relative may propose a partnership for a business. It is well looking. It can suit you a lot. In love, everything goes according to plan, although these days you run the risk of suffering a little disappointment with someone you recently met.

However, you are also likely to give someone else a chance who deserves it, perhaps after that little setback. On the weekend, love will smile at you, whether it is to improve an established relationship or to feel a crush on someone unexpected. Make the most of it.

You’ll be focused on your career this week, Virgo, as Mercury moves into your 10th house. You could be making a list of long-term goals that you want to achieve, or you could be handling a lot of paperwork, contracts, or negotiating agreements for your job. With the Full Moon in your 4th house, there can be a lot of activity at home. You could move or visit your family. You will also realize what situation in your life you want to change, or you could be reflecting on your childhood and family relationships.

Push your limits and hope for the best for yourself! This generous sky meets your expectations and amplifies your chances of success. You are not alone on board and your partner knows the maneuver to arrive safely and transport you to paradise. Challenge yourself, be daring and above all, believe in yourself to explore the card of tenderness.

Beware this week of enticing promises about your finances that could fall through. Indeed, all that glitters is not gold unfortunately and the words of one or the other could mislead you or make you take risks that you will later regret. Stay focused on achievable goals, run away from the lark mirrors and watch your expenses in order to stay in the nails!

This sky softens your character and invites you to come to terms with the wide world. Charming and charismatic, you make every effort to seduce and you thus optimize your chances, not only of enriching your address book but also of approaching next week in beauty and in good shape!

This is the ideal week for a new beginning, an awareness, a passion, a vocation, a progression. Your ambitions are expressed constructively. You can resume studies to specialize or to change direction. This sky allows you hopes of expansion that require initiatives on your part.