Virgo Weekly Horoscope 27th July to 2nd August 2020

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 27th July to 2nd August 2020

On Monday the 27th, today you will have the great mental energy. And you will also have some incredible ideas, which you can carry out, after so much time preparing and studying them.

Tuesday 28, today is a day when fortune will accompany you in communicative tasks, both oral and written. And also in the same, you must give them a great degree of depth and enthusiasm so that they succeed.virgo this week 27th july to 2nd august 2020

Wednesday 29, today is a very important day because you notice yourself with your spoken and written word very loose and that it will be very effective in everything you do both professionally and practically. So enjoy and look at life through all that great skill you have today.

On Thursday the 30th, you are not interested in getting involved in matters that are not safe or that you do not see clearly. So use your creative intuition and your inner perception to save any moment or every action of the day.

On Friday the 31st, today you will have to solve those past issues with the family and the address where you live. Since long ago you proposed a change and reform and you have not yet carried it out. “Let’s do it”.

On Saturday 1, you will notice that you need to give much love to yours and/or your partner. It is a special day to be a generous and kind person with everyone. And you will receive those grateful smiles, that you like so much.

And Sunday, the 2nd, is a day to keep accounts at bay and to calmly achieve that stability that worries you so much. Calm.

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You will have to show off your emotional wisdom, especially if a relationship in which you had put many illusions has recently ended. You will have no choice but to remember all the good that this story has given you, keep it in your heart, and praise how you have managed to be a better person while you were united. Only that.

Don’t anchor yourself in memories, Virgo; This week you will look back, and you will think what would have happened if at a certain moment you had acted differently, if you had spoken more, or if you had kept a prudent silence.

Don’t torture yourself. In these days to come, you will have to dispel the fog that prevents you from seeing things. Happiness is at your fingertips right now, don’t put reins on your own heart. And very important: don’t compare relationships. Not worth it.

Due to Mercury’s position, you may encounter some difficulties in your work; Is there ever a week when everything is sewing and singing?

There will be days when your current situation is unstable, perhaps confusing. You will not know whether to go forward or backward, and more than one will think of throwing in the towel. Quiet, Virgo: it won’t be anything serious. Find your north, and go to it, without further ado.

You will feel very good if you collaborate with an association or entity that helps groups in need, such as the homeless, the sick. You notice that you give back to the universe a small part of all the good that it has given you.

This week you should better organize your free time. Find a place to carry out that activity that you have been wanting to do and for which you have not found the moment. You deserve it, without a doubt. If your schedule is full of responsibilities, learn to delegate.

Include in your menu more fruits rich in water, such as melon or watermelon; They will help you to be hydrated, and also, they will allow you to have a better appearance. They will provide vitamins, benefit your skin, and promote intestinal transit.

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