Virgo Weekly Horoscope 30th November to 6th December 2020

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 30th November to 6th December 2020

Virgo (born between August 23 and September 22): On Monday 30, your mental capacity will be increased and everything you analyze through your perception and your inner vision is very important. You will notice different moods as you adapt to the situations of the people you meet. You must maintain your emotional balance and good tone with everyone.

On Tuesday the 1st, your communication will be very bright and will attract the attention of all who listen to you, which will give you a lot of play to carry out all the goals you had planned for today. Your knowledge and experience will help you meet your expectations; and so will the characteristics of your personality that you are transforming for the better.virgo weekly horoscope 30th november to 6th december 2020

On Wednesday 2, you have a great mental capacity. And also your knowledge and life experience, join with them in an amalgam that will help you overcome all the obstacles that you have to face on this day. The important thing is that your emotions do not overflow and that you act calmly in your actions; learning to be useful to others.

On Thursday 3, in your favor, you have a lot of energy and a lot of capacity that is helping you find the right way to develop an ambitious and at the same time very concrete plan, for yourself and the group of people close to you. This will be of great help because you will feel more fulfilled. And everything you organize will be efficient.

On Friday the 4th, you will be able to take advantage of your great strength and vitality in a very practical way and also implying that you communicate in a clear and precise way. Because in this way you can use all your intelligence and your genius. Keep in mind that it is one thing to have a great sense of humor, and another to be an overly ironic person.

On Saturday the 5th, you will have to learn to know others more realistically, since many times the errors of appreciation lead you to commit actions that you later regret. Pay more attention to the non-verbal language of others, and thus you will get to know them more naturally and realistically. In this way, you will advance a lot in your life.

And on Sunday 6th, you will shine for your great individuality and freedom. But your challenge will be to avoid “The prompt ones”, with whom it is difficult to communicate with you. So pay close attention, to show your softer and kinder side. And you will see how everything happens in a more effective and much more fruitful way than if you follow other more tortuous paths.

Virgo Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Your generally peaceful temperament may wake up and assert itself in the eyes of others. The passage of the sun to the square of your sign induces sustained relationships, interesting meetings, sometimes a commitment or an investment.

You will have a few days a bit busy in which you will do many things. You will not lack plans and you will even miss your partner since you will not be able to see him much. The weekend you will give it to be alone. If you have to sign any type of document, try to read the fine print before doing so as you could have some problems. You have to consider resting more, try not to leave home on Sunday to regain strength. At most a walk around the block or a walk around the neighborhood.

You harbor suspicions where there is no need to have them, it is not the fruit of your instinct but that of your fears … You are challenged to overcome them to achieve your goals on the heart side. By preaching the false to find out the truth, you run the risk of collecting unusual reactions. Don’t be surprised, you’ll just have to blame yourself!

Tension, stress, and setbacks, your professional week’s program promise to be loaded with relational emotionality! Cool, relax, zen. You will not be able with a snap of your fingers to make this electric atmosphere disappear, at best appease it by calming yourself first. Understand that everything has a meaning, that these difficulties insight will be your success of tomorrow by forging your combativeness healthily and effectively. Patience, endurance, and availability!

This is a good time to closely study your possibilities for associations, whether emotional or financial. When it comes time to take an initiative in these areas, you will be better prepared and therefore more efficient.

Money and Luck
No longer be in denial when it comes to your financial affairs, it would be catastrophic! Your bank account has recently gone into the red, slow down, or even stop your spending if you want to avoid the worst! Money is flowing through your fingers, what do you compensate by these compulsive purchases? Do you need to spend that much to feel alive? Ask yourself the real questions and you will stop living dangerously!

A slightly soft last week of November awaits you! Indeed, your spirit is pitiful, your energy resources low. Throw away the glove, get as much rest as possible if you can, and if you have children, enlist outside help! If you keep up the momentum, if you remain deaf to the signs that your fatigue sends you, your body could abandon you there! Who wants to go far, spare his mount!

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