Virgo Weekly Horoscope 31st August to 6th September 2020

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 31st August to 6th September 2020

Virgo (born between August 23 and September 22): On Monday, day 31st, you need to be prudent and use your intelligence to achieve everything you want. Your self-worth will help you with everything and you also have the maturity and great passion for your actions.

On Tuesday the 1st, your thoughts, and your feelings are fine-tuned. You want to stand out in everything you do. Your partner and encouragement will help you cope with the economy. On Wednesday 2nd, with your sympathy and intelligence, you will be able to connect with others. Let everything happen at your own pace, and do not run so much, since everything happens at the right time. Your partner will help you with financial matters.virgo weekly horoscope 31st august to 6th september 2020

Thursday the 3rd is a day to have fun with close friends and to enjoy the playful atmosphere. You should be close to that person who is always with you at all times, whether they are difficult or good. On the 4th, Friday, stay calm in the meetings you have today. Your sensitivity will be serene and at the same time passionate; which will help you get what you want. Weekend; On Saturday you can help a friend who needs support and company, and on Sunday you must relax and have a good time.

This week you might feel haunted by some images from the past. You will think of someone you met a few years ago. Maybe it’s nostalgia. And maybe you still have feelings for that person too, you never know. If you think this story is not fully established in your mind, then you should reconnect with it. If you have a partner, a simple sweet word could revive the passion in your love life.

Love is at the center of the week’s influences, even if you are receptive enough. Sometimes three times of nothing is enough for shared life to take on a more exciting pace. But for that, a true must be given on the part of all. Don’t be content with waiting for change, provoke it.

Virgo Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Complex situations are foreseen with Neptune in opposition. You will have difficulty moving your projects forward in a concrete way. Your desires are not easily managed, and the notion of control may have the opposite effect. Letting go is essential. Stay zen: you have time to get closer to your ideals!

If you are single, your priority is to put the other in the spotlight and they make you feel good. But the best news is that Heaven strengthens the understanding and comforts you with a benevolent influence that will perhaps make you decide to commit yourself, to seal your union and certainly to give your common existence a more legitimate turn.

This last week of August promises to be intense, professionally you are filled with great ambitions, you have a thousand projects in mind, lots of ideas to materialize, you put everything down on paper, so as not to forget anything. There are only good vibes, take the opportunity to act, your development requires concentration but around you, everything suggests that you owe your success only to yourself.

It is strongly recommended that you take advantage of the energy of Neptune in opposition to getting rid of old patterns that limit your existence and spoil your plans. Your ideas are magnificent, but you will need to have more control over your destiny. Don’t let others take control of your projects!

Money and Luck
If you have always believed in your lucky star, then no need to look any further or longer for it. She sits right over your head and takes care of your finances. It promises you great gains, whether through your work, luck, or a legacy.

Your batteries are fully recharged, no breakdown is possible in this ultra-beneficial context! You roar with harmonious energy, this vitality promotes your general development, your initiatives, your projects. You could lift mountains this week as your moral strength is pooled with your physical strength, a perfect combo! Advance with confidence on the path of your life, your balanced temperament induces the successes of tomorrow. What an example you are doing!

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