Virgo Weekly Horoscope 3rd to 9th August 2020

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 3rd to 9th August 2020

On Monday 3rd, clarify that issue with your partner or close friends to finally solve it. Harmony and the harmonic balance must be perfect and natural.

On the 4th, Tuesday, you will have to make agreements through consensus and having conversations. You will pass the tests, thanks to your intellect. And you have balance and good fortune in certain, unique opportunities.virgo weekly horoscope 3rd to 9th august 2020

On the 5th, he acts cautiously and prevented to solve everything with prevention and calm. Your intelligence will help you since, at this moment, everyone will be very aware of how your behavior evolves.

On Thursday the 6th, you must balance the intellect and the emotions to give a positive outcome to all your actions. Today you will have great enthusiasm and a lot of humanity and that is why you should take advantage of everything you want to do. Your value is at stake and it is advisable to give it a personal push.

Weekend; Saturday is a day when your thoughts should be positive and you should value your actions, and on Sunday you can ask yourself what you need to learn for your projects and goals.

Virgo Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

It is a period rich in varied possibilities. Jupiter is very powerful and strengthens all your aspirations, projects, and achievements. You are very creative and your relationships with exotic cultures or other environments enrich you with new ideas, more distant hopes, and great confidence in life.

You are in love, you have your head in the clouds, you are afraid of losing the north and getting carried away too quickly. It’s a little scary, but you can’t help it. In the middle of the week, you understand that you have to let things move at their own pace, rushing is never the right solution. Don’t force fate and you will be fine.

The atmosphere invites you to focus on pending tasks. You face an overload of work but you can congratulate yourself on this influx that you manage with mastery! Your creativity allows you to accomplish feats and improve your performance. This sky strengthens your imagination and your desire to make a good impression.

Your popularity grows, your merits are recognized, doors open, opportunities arise. Whatever other transits, possibly negative, remain attentive and available to all this turmoil in your favor, to benefit from these benefits.

Money and Luck
This first week of August you add additional value to your great interpersonal skills, without relying on your know-how, you control the situation, everything you touch turns to gold, you have a good business sense. The money goes into your purse, it is an excellent period to make your money grow. You are on the right track, you are just a few steps away from financial serenity.

Heaven is sharpening your arguments. You are not inclined to let go of the prey for the shade. But don’t get the wrong target, negotiate where it is possible, give in when the stake is worth it. The problems are solved and nothing is opposed to the expression of your ardor. You favor relationships with those around you and communication in general.

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