Virgo Weekly Horoscope 8th to 14th March 2021

Your imagination could ally with your will to install in your life a pleasant harmony at will. This week of March 8, you will react promptly to requests with a significant dose of optimism, enough to promote all the professional transactions (or not) that would be necessary for your well-being. Go straight for it and naturally your aura is appreciated.

If at any time you have had health problems, everything begins to improve and this week is surrounded by good vibes in that sense so that the ills that you have presented now or for some time improve. You have a very beautiful family, who loves, protects, and supports you in every way, so value every one of them. In love, you are without news, and the best thing is that you leave in the past what should already be there because very important and beautiful things are ahead.virgo weekly horoscope 8th to 14th march 2021

Virgo This Week Horoscope 8th to 14th March 2021

Whether you are a couple or single, your chances of happiness are insolent! You have the delicacy to communicate with loving your feelings, your emotions, and your sense of sharing rallies loved or seduced people to you. We are looking for your presence, we think of you, we want you and we prove it to you. Smile at life, you fully deserve all the beautiful things that happen in your daily life. You inspire and embody love!

To entrust you with the reins of a project, we rely on your talents, except that this week your enthusiasm is not at its highest level. Do you have to lose your chance to be able to react? Fortunately, you have a click, suddenly, a dynamic momentum allows you to call on your abilities, you take initiatives. Before you get praise, you have to prove yourself.

The wheel turns, it seems, in the direction you expected. Your private affairs could find a new lease of life while more professional ones find a positive outcome. The moon, in beautiful aspect to your sign, allows you a sweet relaxation, without feeling guilty in the least. Nice week.

Money and Luck
What joy insight all this week! Your financial comfort is assured and this observation gives your life a well-deserved peace. Your intimate relationships are ideal, your partner accompanies you hand in hand towards your bright future! At work it is the harmony that prevails, you are generous with your time and your experience and we return it to you. Pecuniary happiness makes everyone else easier, doesn’t it?

Your batteries are fully charged, no breakdown is possible in this ultra-beneficial context! You roar with harmonious energy, this vitality promotes your general development, your initiatives, your projects. You could lift mountains this week as your moral strength is pooled with your physical strength, a perfect combo! Advance with confidence on the path of your life, your balanced temperament induces the successes of tomorrow. What an example you are doing!

Virgo Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

On Monday, March 8th, we have your full moon 2021, the one that occurs every year in your sign and that always comes to let you know that you are ready. The process of personal transformation that you started six months ago is finally over and you shine like that moon.

Throughout the second semester of 2020, you started a new project that had to do with improving your public image, your physical appearance, or the way you stand in front of the world; this and next week, they are to reap the result of that work. You will feel clear and owner of your own life, to be the protagonist and write your own rules.

Last week, an issue in your work or your work world began to demand your attention because there was something that you had not noticed. And this week is to resolve and communicate that decision that you reached on the weekend.

March also begins to invite you to open your heart to explore a new adventure with your partner or potential partner. Mercury Retrograde already gave you time away to reflect and rethink where you want to take the relationship, and March is for you to be filled with enthusiasm for what is to come.

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