Virgo Weekly Horoscope 9th November to 15th November 2020

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 9th November to 15th November 2020

Virgo (born between August 23 and September 22): On Monday the 9th, using your sensitivity and simplicity you will be able to stand out with anyone you contact. Sometimes you withdraw and do not show all your love; But if you do, you will notice that your heart widens and you receive, both other people like you, that affection directly.

On Tuesday 10th, you will notice that you have to resolve issues of your emotional life clearly and concisely. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and act sincerely and remembering the mistakes of other times, to avoid them. On Wednesday the 11th, you will feel in your environment, in professional matters. You will notice that everything is easier and that it is much more simplified than before. Your depth and calm will make everything double you.virgo weekly horoscope 9th to 15th november 2020

On Thursday the 12th, it is advisable to use generosity and naturalness in your knowledge. So as not to expose them in a way that embarrasses other people. You will be able to feel what it is really to give affection and understanding; since your heart will be enlarged with your actions. On Friday the 13th, your vitality will encourage you to order everything around you and will help you to find things that you had lost temporarily. You can also donate or give away what you are no longer going to use.

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Virgo Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Your impulses are unleashed this week of November 9! Indeed, an intense thirst to enjoy life is imperative and encourages you to let go, apart from your most important obligations. The effects of Pluto make you realize that nothing lasts and that you have to consume your life with ardor. This personal fulfillment sometimes generates collateral losses and collisions.

A beautiful sky sprinkles your road with starry dreams and sensual realities. It greatly promotes virtual communication. You will undoubtedly seduce your interlocutors fascinated by your verve, your sensuality, and your devastating charm. This heaven will watch over your loves and multiply the opportunities for conquest.

Although you may not be asked so much, you are determined to do the best you can to meet the needs of your hierarchy. Your work is rewarded, you receive the honors. This week is marked by luck, the more you gain notoriety. You defend a project, we follow you in your ideas, you have carte blanche, for you, it is a great satisfaction.

As the days go by, you will find that you forgot to give yourself time and that you did not relish some of the pleasures in life enough. You want to make up for a lost time. This is a good thing unless you are going overboard. Make sure you maintain control of your essential priorities, this will not prevent you from living more fully.

Money and Luck
If the urge to please involves spending money, this week that’s okay. You do not have a limited budget, on the contrary, you have substantial means, you decide to take advantage of it. At the end of the week, a small bonus gives you a financial bonus commensurate with your skills. You will get used to this new comfort very quickly. Your habits change, you like it.

This week you are betting everything on relaxation and tranquility, you decide to take a step back from events, no source of stress, nothing but gentleness. You do not program anything, you do as you wish, which is quite successful for you. You only move when you want to, you eat healthy and balanced, you are on top, well in your sneakers.